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Staying hydrated in the outdoors is essential (as someone who has twice had serious/near fatal experiences of dehydration, I know this!) and carrying adequate water for your planned activity is a matter of no small import.

Whether you carry your water in a "bladder" type "hydration system" or bottle makes little difference, but many find that they are more likely to keep drinking regularly if they do not have to keep removing their pack to get at their water bottle to do so.

Regular drinking is made easy by having a "hydration system" that incorporates a drinking hose with a drinking valve conveniently close to the mouth. For those who like the idea of a "hydration system" but are reluctant to spend out on a "bladder and hose" as they already have perfectly good water bottles, or rely on bottles of mineral water bought as needed, then the answer could well be the Source "Convertube", a simple system for converting your mineral water bottle, Sigg bottle or Nalgene bottle into a hose type "hydration system".


The "Convertube" comprises a one-meter hose with a "Source Z Valve" at one end and a cunning screw cap fitting at the other. The durable, 90 degree bend "Zvalve" gives a great flow of water – simply bite and suck – and has a patented anti-bacterial layer, grunge guard system and dirt shield to block bacterial growth and to keep out dust and muck to keep your drink clean and pleasant.

The dirt shield is a simple push-fit unit that is tethered to the valve to avoid loss in use. The anti-microbal technology incorporated into the Convertube avoids the need to clean the tube after use with clean water and means that after using energy drinks etc. the valve and tube just need flushing through with water before storing the system!

At the far end of the tube there is the Convertubes "universal" cap and an adjustable length slide fit tube that you can set to the depth of your water bottle of choice. This cap fits many commercially available drinks bottles (including Coke and Spars "Silverbrook Falls" mineral water), the cap incorporates a simple one-way air valve so no vacuum forms in the drinks bottle to make drinking hard work!

If the universal cap does not fit your chosen water bottle, then the Convertube comes with adaptor caps to fit the favourite mineral water bottles and Sigg bottles and wide mouth Nalgene bottles (though not necessarily "look-alike" bottles). Simply replace the bottles cap with the adaptor and then screw in the universal cap and hose to turn your chosen bottle into a "hydration system".

Source ConverTube bottle selection.jpg

The Convertube is simple to install, simple to use and simple to clean and avoids much of the hassle of cleaning and drying bladder type systems, allows the use of a range of "puncture proof" water bottles and is fully compatible with almost every rucksack or belt pack I can think of – unlike many bladder systems I know.

If you have a need for multiple bottles then you can have a mix of types all using one tube – plus adaptors, and, of course, you can still use your bottles to drink from without connecting the Convertube.

Simple, versatile and effective, the Convertube could be just what you want! Costing around £15.99, the Source Convertube looks like the ideal way to convert your water bottles to easy-to-use hydration systems and is made from robust and durable plastics that have no noticeable flavouring effect on your drink.

For more information www.sourcehydration.co.uk | Tel 015395 60214
John Fenna
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