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  1. G1ZmO

    Metal Water Containers

    We used a white plastic 25L water container last year for the summer meet but it wasn't really ideal in terms of weight and probably could be affected by bacterial growth inside due to sunlight. So, our thought this year is to get 2x 10L metal containers but want to ensure that no contaminants...
  2. John Fenna

    Source Convertube

    Staying hydrated in the outdoors is essential (as someone who has twice had serious/near fatal experiences of dehydration, I know this!) and carrying adequate water for your planned activity is a matter of no small import. Whether you carry your water in a "bladder" type "hydration system" or...
  3. John Fenna

    Sea To Summit Pack Tap

    The Sea to Summit Pack Tap is a versatile and practical water container ideal for camp and group usage, and is available in 2 sizes (4 or 10 litre), in colours green and red. Made from 210 denier nylon, the tough exterior has Hyperlon anchor points to securely strap the pack tap to your kayak...
  4. John Fenna

    Katadyn MyBottle

    Sometimes it is just not possible to carry all the water you may want to drink. One litre of water weighs in at one kilo, so, on a long, hot, or even multi-day walk, carrying all you will need from a domestic source will just not be feasible. This is where a good water purifier comes in if you...
  5. HillBill

    The Science Of Water

    Over the years I have read an awful lot about water purification. Some of it was good advice. Some of it contained a few mistakes, exaggerations or inflated manufacturers claims. Some was flat out wrong. A while ago I wrote an article that looked at the science of how fire works and how to...
  6. G1ZmO

    Water - How much?

    So, on a recent over-nighter I took 3.5L of water which obviously adds 3.5kg to the weight of my already heavy pack. I was camping beside a river but don't think I'd be comfortable drinking boiled water from there. I know the answer to this is probably "Depends on the person and the situation"...
  7. Keith

    Meet The Aussie Woman Who Hasn't Spent A Cent In Two Years

  8. Keith

    Bugging Out. Carrying All That Weight.

  9. Keith

    Solar Power For Off Grid.

    We have four large 6 volt batteries giving us 24 volts DC. This is then converted into 250 volts AC, which supplies our house with electricity 24-7. We started off with the 8 panels in the center as recommended, but despite the fact that we use very little electricity (not a lot of gadgets)...
  10. Keith

    Food & Water For Home & Bugging Out.

    There are many important items that you need for home & for going abroad, but food & water must be considered a priority. If you can forage, or you grow your own food, good, but you must back this up with a good supply of dried foods. You do not need to spend money on freeze dried foods or RAT...