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  1. G1ZmO

    Review: Silky Gomboy 210 vs Bacho Laplander

    I've said this several times through the video but I'll say it again. This comparison is a little unfair on the Laplander as it's no longer new and has had a fair bit of use so not as sharp as it should be for a proper comparison. The technique for cutting with either varies as the Laplander...
  2. G1ZmO

    DD Hammocks 3x3 Tarp

    This seems like a good quality product with reinforcement around the tie-out points and good quality material. I'm not surprised they are so popular. Product: DD Hammocks 3x3 Tarp Weight: 790g (excl. pegs & guy lines) Dimensions: 3m x 3m RRP: £37 (at July 2019)
  3. G1ZmO

    Kelly Kettle Trekker

    Here are a couple of short videos I've made of the Kelly Kettle Trekker. I hope they are of interest.
  4. Rathwulven BC

    MINI SERIES: Affordable & Awesome Bushcraft Knives

    Hi folks got another series coming, here is episode number one. The entire series will be about knives that have proven themselves to be irreplaceable companions throughout the last years - but at the same time are affordable. The series is predominantly designed for beginners but maybe one of...
  5. lee

    Casio G Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000B-1B Watch

    The Casio G Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000B-1B watch is a bit smaller than I expected which is good, the strap is the same width as my previous G Shock (the Rangeman 20mm), however it is half as thick as the Rangeman and to be honest this lets the watch down. The thin strap doesn't look as nice and...
  6. Madriverrob

    SkyeHigh 500 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag

    I received a SkyeHigh 500 Hydrophobic down sleeping bag from Alpkit last week and thought I'd post my initial thoughts . I wanted a three season down bag with a reasonable weight, comfort rating and pack size without breaking the bank . After looking at options I decided to give the Skyhigh go...
  7. lee

    Azero 120101 White Micarta Folding Knife

    I've been looking for a white Micarta folding knife to pair up with my Boker and finally found one on the Hunting & Knives website. The knife arrived by courier on next day signed delivery the day after payment was sent. This knife is pure white and my boker is ivory white so not a true match...
  8. John Fenna

    Alt-Berg Warrior Microlite Original Mk II Boots

    In looking for a top quality high-leg style lightweight durable boot that did not have a waterproof membrane lining, yet was tough and supportive enough to use over rough terrain, I found the Alt-Berg Warrior Microlite Original MKII boots, and these have really fitted the bill. Originally...
  9. John Fenna

    Leatherman Freestyle

    The latest creation from the makers of the original plier-based multi-tool, Leatherman, is the super lightweight Freestyle model. Engineered to the high standard you expect from Leatherman, the minimalist Freestyle actually comes in two versions, the Freestyle and Freestyle CX, the Freestyle CX...
  10. John Fenna

    Casstrom: Joker No. 74 Folding Knife

    The Joker No 74 Folding Knife forms part of Casstroms' "Continental" range and is a useful and attractive pocket knife. It has a satin-finished 2mm thick carbon (or stainless steel as the No 77) 7cm drop point (almost spear point) flat ground, 1.75cm wide blade with a secondary bevel, that...
  11. John Fenna

    Smartwool PhD Socks

    To me, foot comfort is very important, so I am very picky as to what socks I wear. It can make a real difference to how much I enjoy a day in the field! I have always found Smartwool technical socks among the most comfortable and now Smartwool have launched a new range, PhD that I think are...
  12. John Fenna

    Woolpower: Mid-Layer Full Zip Jacket 400

    Woolpower (formerly known as Ullfrote) make their woollen thermal clothing in Northern Sweden where they know about cold and as well as base-layers in 200gm2 (I can recommend the Crewneck 200) they also make a mid-layer range in 400g-600gm2. I have been trying the Full Zip Jacket 400, which is...
  13. elliott92

    Yo-Yo Mechanical Automatic Fishing Reel

    The Yo-Yo mechanical automatic fishing reel is designed as a survival tool to allow you to fish whilst leaving the device unattended. This is beneficial so you can carry on with other duties that need doing whilst still having lines in the water to ensure you eat that night. It has a trigger...
  14. Gazo

    Streamlight Sidewinder Sportsman

    Let me introduce you to this little gem, a true multi purpose torch and a must have for hunters and Bushcrafters, being both a hunter and a general outdoors person I can see how useful this little torch is going to be. First off a little about the Sidewinder and you will see how handy this can...
  15. Matt

    Soulpad 3000 Hybrid

    To start this off we need to wind the clock back a couple of years to my first experience of the bushy side of life. Picture this, it was late January and the average temperature was between -2C and 5C. I had organised a small gathering of a few like-minded guys from a forum for a meet in the...
  16. John Fenna

    Kelly Kettle: Scout Kettle SST

    I have long been a fan of Kelly Kettles and own a large "Base Camp" Kelly Kettle in aluminium which, although showing signs of age and usage, is still going strong after a good 6-years hard use. With this in mind I was more than happy to accept the charge of reviewing the Kelly Kettle Scout...
  17. John Fenna

    Jack Pyke Countryman Canvas Bag

    The Jack Pyke Countryman Canvas Bag is part of their Classic range and is a good looking, general purpose shoulder bag of classic style but with modern function. Made from a fairly coarse olive-green canvas with leather trim and a fully-adjustable brown cotton webbing shoulder strap, the bag...
  18. John Fenna

    Leatherman Style And Squirt PS4 Tools

    Do you want a stylish and practical multi-tool that is small enough to fit on your key ring? Then check out the Style and the Squirt PS4 from Leatherman. The Style is about 6cm long and 1cm wide and weighs less than 24 grams, yet features a 4cm 420 HC steel knife, screwdriver (usable as both...
  19. John Fenna

    5.11 ATAC A2 Torch

    A powerful, versatile and reliable pocket torch is always a useful bit of kit to carry and I have been impressed recently by the 5.11 ATAC A2 Torch from 5.11. Precision-engineered from aerospace grade aluminium, the ATAC A2 measures approx 15.5cm x 2.7cm and weighs about 138g with batteries...
  20. John Fenna

    5.11 Tactical Ripstop TDU Long Sleeve Shirt

    The 5.11 Tactical Ripstop poly cotton TDU shirt is a tough no-nonsense shirt built for hard wear combined with comfort, functionality and freedom of movement. OK, they are based on US military shirts, but are so much more. The shirts are made of tough, crisp but comfortable and quiet 6.14oz...