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Casio G Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000B-1B Watch

Casio G Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000B-1B Watch

The Casio G Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000B-1B watch is a bit smaller than I expected which is good, the strap is the same width as my previous G Shock (the Rangeman 20mm), however it is half as thick as the Rangeman and to be honest this lets the watch down. The thin strap doesn't look as nice and chunky on your wrist as the Rangeman and this strap is made out of some type of rubber material where the Rangeman strap was thick plastic. The positive side to the thinner strap is that it will accept my Braunton watch strap compass (with some stretching) where the Rangeman would not, I had to use a nameless compass sold for paracord bracelet making instead but that nameless compass was magnetic and stayed bang on!


Manufacturers Description

Introducing GULFMASTER, the new G-SHOCK Series that's designed and engineered with the maritime adventurer in mind. GULFMASTER includes the first G-SHOCK models to incorporate both Triple Sensor Version 3 and Smart Access in the same watch.

In addition to barometric pressure, altitude, bearing, and temperature readings, these new models also feature Tide Graph and Moon Age capabilities to help keep you in close touch with your natural environment. Sudden extreme changes in barometric pressure are alerted using a dial hand, LCD display, and alarm. Double LED lighting illuminates the LCD, and also adds a face light at 6 o'clock to keep information bright and easy to read even in total darkness.

The designs of these watches have been modeled after the look of shipboard instruments to create an attractive marine look. Large buttons are provided for critical light and sensor operations to help make operation easier and more intuitive.

All of this and much more makes all of the models in the GULFMASTER Series the logical choice for the maritime adventurer who desires something extra in performance and overall toughness.

Smart Access
An electronic crown switch and the use of multiple motors combine to enable conflict-free simultaneous operation of multiple functions, and smooth switching between functions.

Tough Movement
A CASIO-original thin analog movement made possible by hybrid mounting protects against damage and enables auto home position correction that helps keep you on time all the time.

Tough Solar
Tough Solar ensures stable operation even when using power-hungry functions.

Wave Ceptor (Radio Controlled)
Receives time calibration signals and corrects the time automatically.

Multiband 6
Multiband 6 allows reception of time calibration signals from one of six transmitters around the globe : Germany, The United Kingdom, The United States, China, and Japan (two transmitters).

The blue bezel is not as bright as the catalogue images show which is good, the negative LED display window is just as hard to see as the Rangeman but this doesn't matter as the red mini dial arrow hand that indicates tide and air pressure changes is clear and is what you need to be able to see clearly.

The glow in the dark hands and hour markers are excellent and glowed well even with the watch only being out the box for 30 minutes. The negative display LED will be easy to see in the dark when illuminated.

After setting the watch up with my location, correct time settings etc and having calibrated the sensors, it's taken some time for me to work out all the functions of this watch as it's very different to use and set up than the Rangemaster. Whilst setting it up I've realised I can have the mini red hand dial displaying current tide position, the LED window displaying barometric pressure and the hands displaying the time, this is superb and I did not realise this would be possible. There's nothing more you could want from this watch if your needs are ocean and weather related.

The compass, tempature and altitude sensors are all spot on. Another great feature is that by pressing the light and bottom left button together in standard time mode it makes all of the time hands move to 14:10 together thus all hands are out of the way of the mini dial and LED display so that these displays can be seen clearly, after a couple of seconds the hands automatically return back to displaying the time.

Time, tide graph, barometric pressure all displayed continually:


All hands temporarily moved to 14:10 for clear view of the mini dial and LED displays:


The glow in the dark illumination was not bright all night but the watch was not in much sunlight before dusk to be fair. I'm very impressed with the battery life as it's only had a few hours light after being removed from its tin. The watch did not go into power saving mode despite me playing with the sensor modes all night! I noticed another very nice feature, the tip on the red hand in the mini dial is also glow in the dark and can clearly be seen at night which is very useful.

For this picture, the glow in the dark was quickly charged using a torch as the camera does not give a true clear picture of the visible glow in the dark, the hour, minute and mini dial hands glow brighter than the dial markers and the second hand which is good and the fact that the second hand is darker and has the ring I guess is because the second hand acts as the compass needed in compass mode, a clever idea, a lot of thought with real uses and needs has gone into the design and feature set of this watch.


The LED night illumination could be brighter, the digital screen appears to be only lit from a white LED illumination on one side of the screen (the right) another LED illumination on the other side would have been nice but its fine with just the one. The second white LED illumination is positioned at the 6pm marker hence it up lights the whole face and it does a good job to illuminate all of the hands (as well as them being glow in the dark the time hand sides and tips are white) and all of the white and glow in the dark markers on the face.


Tide is keeping correct times, the moon age reset today so that's correct! barometer is spot on and showing the same readings as my other weather air pressure sensors. The glow in the dark hands and face markers are staying illuminated all night now the glow in the dark has had time to fully light charge, so all is well, I'm happy with the Gulfmaster and it's highly recommended by me.
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