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Azero 120101 White Micarta Folding Knife

Azero 120101 White Micarta Folding Knife

I've been looking for a white Micarta folding knife to pair up with my Boker and finally found one on the Hunting & Knives website. The knife arrived by courier on next day signed delivery the day after payment was sent. This knife is pure white and my boker is ivory white so not a true match but still a nice working pair.

First of all, this is completely legal to carry under UK law as the blade does not lock and the blade length is under 3 inches. When I say under 3 inches it's 2.95 inches so you're not going to get much closer to the limit than that! Top marks to Azero for that.



It's hard to put a description to the blade shape, I would describe it as a mix of spear point and drop point with a very fine point. There is a finger nail groove on one side of the blade for easy opening, however the blade is very stiff opening and closing and this is no doubt intended in the design of the knife, there are slip joins at open and closed points but none at 90 degrees.


When holding the knife open in your hand and using your index finger on the back of the blade to close the blade, it is very difficult to do so, this blade is not going to shut accidentally on your fingers during use nor is the blade accidentally going to open in your pocket and a young child would not be able to open the knife, which for me is important when using a non locking knife.


The blade gives the illusion that it is longer than 3 inches as it's narrow and I suspect if you came across a jobsworth it would be a case of getting a ruler out, failing that refer them to the online manufacturers blade size specifications.

There is a nice lanyard attachment point that is better than a drilled hole through the handle and will take all size paracord and key rings, the makers logo is stamped on one side of the blade, the blade came almost shaving sharp, the edge is good and a few wipes on the hand strop had it shaving arm hair effortlessly.


The overall finish is good with no faults but I would have liked to have seen the rivets and Micarta shining, but remember this knife is £37 not £137!

A finishing polish is something I (and you) can easily do by a quick light sanding with some wet and dry 1200 paper, this knife gives the impression of a hand made knife that we often see in the bushcraft world which is nice, it doesn't come across as a mass production knife, it's worlds apart from the JOKER NP122 that I recently reviewed but it's equally as elegant.


If you like white handled knives as I do then this is a serious contender that's very reasonably priced for a Micarta knife, if you like bling and shiny knives then I suggest the JOKER NP122, if you like hand made custom knives then i can recommend this one, or like me, get both.

Full specifications from hunting knives.co.uk:

SKU AZERO-120101
Steel used ACX-380
Handle material Mikarta
Blade length 75 mm. | 2.95 in
Handle length 95 mm. | 3.74 in
Overall length 170 mm. | 6.69 in
Weight 60 gr. | 2.36 oz
Sheath Includes Buckskin Sheath and Metal Gift Tin

Price £37.00

Pros: Very tight slip joint meaning that the blade will not close easy on your fingers during use and will not accidentally come open in your pocket, comes with tin, lanyard and case. The price is good for a Micarta scale knife and the knife arrived very sharp.

Cons: It would have benefited from a final polish before dispatch.

Available from hunting and knives (link below) who is a member of the forum, if you want to make any purchases from them then please contact them beforehand for a forum discount

Hunting and Knives | High Quality Knives
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