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Yo-Yo Mechanical Automatic Fishing Reel

Yo-Yo Mechanical Automatic Fishing Reel

The Yo-Yo mechanical automatic fishing reel is designed as a survival tool to allow you to fish whilst leaving the device unattended. This is beneficial so you can carry on with other duties that need doing whilst still having lines in the water to ensure you eat that night.

It has a trigger mechanism which is set off when the fish takes the hook and the spring recoils and reels the fish in. By reeling the fish in and keeping the line taught it stops the fish from "hook pulling" itself free when just left hanging around in the water.


  • The body is made from strong galvanized steel
  • The spring is stainless steel
  • Approximately 7cm in diameter
  • Weighs in at 52g
  • Supplied with 60lbs test nylon line
For the purpose of the review i kept my terminal tackle to a minimum and used very basic methods of fishing. This was to illustrate that this is an effective bit of kit with minimal effort put in. You don't need to carry much tackle to use it either, if you did need lots of tackle, then you wouldn't bother carrying it would you?

For starters the Yo-Yo reel comes with a swivel. So attaching your hook length is simple. Buy a couple of pre-tied hook lengths then all you have to do is make a loop in the top and pop it through the swivel. Now you need to bait the hook and set it. In this instance I was using sweet corn and/or bread for bait. But from a survival perspective I could have used worms that were sourced on site as a reliable bait.

You can adjust the tension on the Yo-Yo reel which is a great feature and you can't ignore the tension either. It is the only technical part you have to consider when using this, think of what your intended fish is. I was fishing for small perch and roach, so I needed very little tension on the spring. If I were to leave a lot of tension on the reel, perch and roach wouldn't have the strength to release the trigger (Bigger fish would need more tension). Now this may sound like a bit of a pain, but it really is very simple. You just wind or unwind the line around the wheel to adjust the tension, the instructions show how to do this easily.

Time to pick your spots, set the trigger and get some lines in the water...


I had the Yo-Yo reel set in various spots over the week and caught every day, in fact every time I checked it there was a fish on the end. I had to play with the tension a bit, because as I said, small perch and roach aren't very strong. So to make sure the line was taught in the water I added a few split shots by the hook, this helped set the trigger off more reliably and I would suggest this when going for fish weighing under 3lbs. (This can of course be used for all manner of fish from perch to pike, chub to trout and the heavier fish will set the trigger off much more easily).

But talk is cheap. So the proof in the pudding can be seen right here...


You can't argue with results and what's photographed was just what was caught in the first few hours.

The bottom line is this:

The Yo-Yo reel is a no nonsense bit of kit that does exactly what it says on the tin, and that's catch fish.

It weighs next to nothing and takes up next to no room in your pack.

Its sturdy and very fairly priced, it also doesn't need much in the way of tackle to be effective. In fact the more simple you keep it the better with this. I know I'll always have mine in my rucksack from now on.

For more information visit www.yoyofishing.co.uk

Please bare in mind that it is illegal in the UK to leave a line in the water unattended, this is classed as poaching. You must have a current license to fish on public waters, only in an extreme survival situation (or on private, non running, waters) is it acceptable to leave this set up unattended.
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