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Vansky 700 Lumen LED Flashlight

Vansky 700 Lumen LED Flashlight

I'll be perfectly honest: I wasn't expecting much from a flashlight that costs £8.99 from Amazon, with free UK delivery, or £4.08 delivery to France. Something for nothing, and all that...

However, my LED pocket torch gave up the ghost, and I needed a replacement, so thought I'd take a punt.


The flashlight seems solidly made from aluminium, , and is fairly light -- weighing in at just 120 grams. It is 13cm long on the floodlight setting, the body is 30mm in diameter, and it comes with three AAA batteries and a carrier for them, plus a plastic sleeve that allows the use of one 18650 rechargeable battery if you prefer.


The flashlight uses a Cree LED, and all functions are controlled by the green button at the back, as is usual for "tactical" or hunting torches. It is described as "water resistant", with a toughened glass lens.


Pressing the green on/off button at the back does what you'd expect. Pressing the button briefly and lightly toggles between modes: high, medium and low power beam, strobe, and SOS, which literally flashes the Morse code for SOS. The front element slides forward smoothly; when it's all the way back, you get a floodlight from the very curved lens. Slide it forward, and you get an increasingly tight spotlight.



The flood setting illuminates an area around 20 yards across and deep, with enough detail to see your way around easily (apologies for the average-quality photo).


Slide the front element forwards to the extreme spotlight setting, and something quite impressive happens. The tree illuminated in the distance supports the backstop at the end of my woodland rifle range, where I zero my .22LR. It's 80 yards away.


This torch is certainly powerful enough for my needs, and I can see myself using it mounted on my ratting rifle. I haven't dared stare at the LED, except with peripheral vision -- but I suspect that any burglar or mugger would be seeing stars for days if you pointed this little torch at their eyes and turned it on.

I have no idea of battery life yet, nor how water-resistant it is, nor how well it will takes the bumps and knocks of everyday wear and tear. I'll report back after it's been soaked and dropped a few times. For now though, I'm pleasantly surprised at just how much power it puts out.

Since I ordered mine, the price has risen to £9.99 on Amazon, although other, similar torches are available. Get one with a Cree LED though -- they really seem to pack a punch! Here's mine: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adjustable...ie=UTF8&qid=1516351490&sr=8-1&keywords=vansky
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Ordered on Amazon 2 minutes ago and should be delivered tomorrow. I'd best put 4 X18650's in the charger.
After reading this review, I decided to invest in one of these wee torches as it seemed exactly what I was looking for - small, powerful and a great price. I paid £12 for mine.

I particularly like the fact that it can also take 18650 batteries as well as the AAA ones - I always have a couple of 18650's ready charged for other uses.

I'm glad I saw this review cos I now use the Vansky for highlighting my pistol targets in my cave!
Found useful flashlight and shared the information.
Nice write up for a useful torch.