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Tinbum Pellet Sizer

Tinbum Pellet Sizer

I'd noticed a few flyers from a tin of JSB Exacts when shooting my .22 HW85, with no obvious explanation in terms of gusting winds, scope creep, loose stock bolts, etc. After extensive pellet testing, these slugs in 5.52 are the best match for the barrel, so I thought I'd invest in a TbT pellet sizer to see if that helps reduce the number of wayward shots, which averaged one shot out of every 10.


The pellet sizer I ordered is turned from solid brass, and consists of a plunger that fits inside a tapered tube. The product is well made, and does what it says on the tin. One added benefit of using the tool is that it reshapes any skirts that have been damaged during transport.

TBTSizer2.jpg TBTSizer3.jpg

There have only been a dozen such pellets in this tin of 500, but it's good to know that the sizer corrects any misshapes. When I deliberately squashed another pellet, the sizer reshaped that one too.

TBTSizer4.jpg TBTSizer5.jpg

The pellet sizer is available in stainless steel or brass, for a range of pellet calibres and sizes, from the Tinbum website. I bought mine slightly more cheaply from an outdoor supplies retailer on EBay.

I've only had the chance to put a few sized pellets downrange due to hideous weather, but there have been no further flyers so far. The sizer wasn't dirt cheap, but it's solid brass, does the business and should last a lifetime, so well worth the money in my opinion.

Here's the EBay link.

And here's the full range available from TbT.
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