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The United Kingdom Association For Hunter Field Target [UKAHFT]

The United Kingdom Association For Hunter Field Target [UKAHFT]

The United Kingdom Association for Hunter Field Target or UKAHFT as we are more commonly known was established in 2003 by a small group of people wanting an alternative less formal air rifle shooting discipline than then the current Field Target (FT) competitions run by the BFTA, so the concept was born and Hunter Field Target (HFT) rapidly gained in popularity.

UKAHFT also attracted airgun media coverage and the support of the airgun manufacturing industry in the form of sponsorship, we rapidly became the new buzz world in the airgun shooting world and many wanted to give it a go.. We now have an established set of rules and a course set out format which has been adopted by many Air Rifle clubs who now shoot HFT and who have become affiliated with UKAHFT.

We currently organise and administer 9 national events with sponsorship at different venues around the country each year with 200 plus shooters attending each, also we have The Gathering meet at the end of the season where Overall trophies are presented as well as a HFT competition on the day.

What is HFT
HFT or Hunter Field Target to give it it's full name is a air rifle shooting discipline that consists of shooting 30 metal targets set out in hunting type scenarios, these targets may be in the open up trees partially obscured up pipes etc the list is endless and determined by the imagination of the course setter, each shooter takes one shot at each target from a peg which will be the designated point to shoot that target, pegs are numbered 1 to 30. Our HFT events take place at Air rifle clubs, farms, woods, quarries etc points are scored by hitting or knocking down the target no point are scored for a miss or shooting the wrong target.

What Sort of Targets Do You Shoot?
Our targets are metal re-settable targets that have a hit/kill zone varying in size from 15mm up to 45mm, which if struck, the pellet will cause the target to fall down and 2 points are scored, if you hit the target anywhere else and the target does not fall you score 1 point, miss the target completely you get a zero. Targets are placed around the course at distances from the shooting peg varying from 8 yards to 45 yards.

Who Can Shoot at a UKAHFT Event?
Anyone over 9 years of age who owns/has the use of an air rifle below the current legislation for non FAC air rifles of 12 foot pound. FAC air rifles will not be permitted in any event under any circumstances. Juniors under 17 will however have to be supervised by a parent or guardian. Don’t feel you may not be good enough for our competitions we have beginners through to world Champions taking part, men, women and children are all welcome at our events the emphasis is more on having a good time than being competitive. Of course there will be some shooters who will take it more serious than others but don’t feel intimidated, you will soon be put at ease and made to feel welcome. Advice from the seasoned veterans flows freely and anyone will be happy to answer any questions you have. Also our sponsors donated prizes don’t go to the winners of the competition all scorecards are put into a free draw at the end of each shoot and the prize winners are drawn out that way. Some manufactures donate a new air rifle in the prizes so you could be a winner for just being there.

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