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So, for those of you wondering why you should become a customer of BAR, why should you spend your hard-earned with us and not some other internet shop out there, we thought a little summary of what sets us apart may help you decide.

We Don't!
Vote between ourselves that we are "Best Online Catalogue 2016" and put it on our website to mislead visitors into thinking we have won a genuine award. We were wondering, don’t those kind of votes get made at the end of 2016…?

We Do!
Try our best to create a website that is informative, independent and easy to use, and then hope our visitors decide for themselves that we are the best.

We Don't!
Steal copyright images from our competitors website and pass off someone else's hard work as their own.

We Do!
Produce all our web images ourselves, from products we keep in stock, to give our visitors the best 'feel' for the products that you can achieve on a website.

We Don't!
Post off products, still sealed as the day they left the factory, saving the time and money it takes to unpack and check them, in the name of product freshness.

We Do!
Unpack and thoroughly check each item we send out. Every gun is checked for cosmetic imperfections and operation (yes, we do sometimes send new goods back as unsatisfactory). Every scope reticle, turret and mag ring is checked. Items are then re-packed with extra bubble wrap to ensure a safe delivery to your door.

We Don't!
Simply push you in the direction of the manufacturer if you have a problem, no matter the value of your purchase or indeed the profit margin in it.

We Do!
Take pride in our after sales service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will always seek the quickest and most satisfactory route to resolving your problem. We recognise that our responsibility does not stop when the sale is made. We are here to help, advise and sort stuff out!

We Don't!
Operate from a desk in our front room, with no overheads other than our web hosting fee and ship out orders direct from the manufacturer.

We Do!
Pride ourselves on being a real gunshop of 18 years standing, run by real airgunning enthusiasts. We are proud to know that many of our internet customers make the journey to visit our shop, have a brew and try out as many products as they wish.

We do believe that in selling you a product online, comes the responsibility of backing up with excellent, knowledgeable and accountable service.

We Don't!
Grey import products cheaply, with no regard for possible faults or incompatibility with UK laws and markets.

We Do!
Support the sport and industry of UK airgunning. This means we can give our customers the confidence of a full UK warranty with every new product, that every product is within UK power limits, every scope is parallaxed to airgun ranges. We will not have to send your product overseas for repair, leaving you without your kit for weeks.

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