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  1. G1ZmO

    Plow Point tarp setup

    Spent a couple of hours in the woods yesterday to work off a hangover and decided to try the plow point tarp config. A couple of benefits of this config are that it's very quick to set up and you need very little cordage (just a wee bit for the top) It could also probably be done with a single...
  2. G1ZmO

    DD Hammocks 3x3 Tarp

    This seems like a good quality product with reinforcement around the tie-out points and good quality material. I'm not surprised they are so popular. Product: DD Hammocks 3x3 Tarp Weight: 790g (excl. pegs & guy lines) Dimensions: 3m x 3m RRP: £37 (at July 2019)
  3. Mister Badger

    If You Have No Troubles, Buy A Camel...

    Although bushcrafters in my experience mostly walk their talk and do what they can with what they have, the temptation to acquire new kit they don't absolutely need, is also endemic (something to do with an essentially male passion for problem-solving, I reckon). It is written: "If you have...