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  1. Keith

    New Section For Skills. Opinions Please.

    Well the new skills section is up & running, I think Brownbear is the only one to post "Thanks". Just wondering what your thoughts are. So far I am the only one posting on this section, not a problem, but is it worth me continuing to post more skills? Am I posting the right sort of skills? Just...
  2. Keith

    Guidelines For Any Discussion.

  3. Keith

    More Views But Less Posts.

    I note that my posts get quite a lot more views than relates to the number of people actually posting on this forum. Plenty of people viewing, but not so many commenting/participating. A pity because it is always good to get some feedback, positive or not so positive. Always good to know if one...
  4. Keith

    Editing Posts.

    Why is there a time limit set on editing our own posts? This can be a real pain & often means making more posts to correct any eras so taking up more room on the forum. Can this be corrected/changed please? Keith.
  5. Keith

    Just A Word. Important.

    I have noticed that some members are viewing posts but not commenting. Clicking the thanks button is good, but some feedback is better. Writers appreciate feedback, it lets them know that what they are writing has some merit. No feedback can lead to no more writing, after all, why should anyone...