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  1. Keith

    Making A Bark Knife Sheath.

    I used stringybark for this project, you won't have many of these in the UK as they are not a native, so I suggest that if you want to try & make one of these that you experiment with the species of trees you have growing locally. The finished knife sheath covered in leather & beaded.
  2. Keith

    Constructing & Using The Raft Duck Trap.

  3. Keith

    Constructing A Wigwam.

    The first part of this video may not be of interest to UK members, but it runs into a section on Wigwam construction. A Wigwam is NOT a tipi/teepee, a Wigwam is an Eastern Woodland Indian shelter where as the Tipi is a Western plains Indian dwelling. Keith.
  4. Keith

    Making Cordage From Plant Fibres.

  5. Keith

    Making Cordage.

    You can make cordage from any flexible fibre, whether it be flora or fauna, though some materials are stronger than others. Keith.
  6. Keith

    Making Cordage.

  7. Keith

    Been Busy Here.

    An out of control bush fire just 6 kilometers away today! I started clearing brush the day before yesterday. I started thinking about all those tall saplings & decided & would try constructing a small palisade & shelter using these saplings instead of using the larger trees to construct a log...
  8. Keith

    More On Tools.

    A small shovel is good to carry in your pack or with a handle strapped on the outside. But in hard ground a shovel is of little use unless you have a crow bar(Aust). A mattock on the other hand can be used for garden work & pole construction, you simply dig a trench for the poles instead of a...
  9. Keith

    Making A Clasp Knife From Scratch. Hand Tools,no Forge.