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Yukon Ranger 5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

Review Yukon Ranger 5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular Review


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spookytooth submitted a new resource:

Yukon Ranger 5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular Review - Review Of The Yukon Ranger 5x42 Digital Night Vision Monocular

Up until recently my son-in-law and I have used lamps to do our shooting, we are restricted to shooting at night due to the permission being a golf course.

The usual equipment we were using was a GL4 red LED, and my son-in-law a white LED lamp with a red filter. Over last Christmas we had the opportunity to try out a Yukon Ranger, with a view to buying - an offer we couldn't refuse!

The one thing that hit us straight away was the fact that no longer were we restricted to a short-range...

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Great review. Looks a good bit of kit, sure it will benefit any night time hunters.
nice review spooky buddy..... It is a great piece of kit for spotting quarry.....
Thanks airarmstx200 mate ;)

Over the last few weeks me and stokie have had some success but the rabbits are still noticeably red lamp shy. Stokie's just got himself a dedicated Green LED lamp and hopefully we'll be out later this week so see if it's any better. But there's no doubt at all that the Ranger comes into its own for spotting quarry at long distances.

In fact it's been a good exercise in stealth for us as I've been able to observe stokie and watch the rabbits at the same time - and we can see where we've been going wrong! For example it's been interesting to see the rabbits' reactions to even how the red lamp is used, which is something we would have missed if we hadn't got the Ranger. You can be as stealthy as you like, but use the lamp wrong and you'll more than likely blow it :eek: :D