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Yet another nail in the coffin of crossbow ownership.

The media might just as easily focused on the fact that he had a knife, a sword or a hatchet but they chose to focus on the crossbow…This is a strong indication to me that at least some of the media are going to go on an another offensive weapons witch-hunt. There are always idiots that invite public scrutiny and negative media attention. 🙁
Unbelievable lunacy :(......let's hope the victims get the help and support they need right now......and make a full and speedy recovery....hopefully the sicko responsible is snared as quickly as possible and has the book thrown at them.
After looking at a graphic of where the victims were at the time they were injured the crossbow was most likely to have been fired from one of just three buildings. They were actually on opposite sides of one building so it would be interesting to know if the accommodation ran front to back. I wouldn’t be amazed if it turned out to be a teenage boy…it’s certainly the action of someone who lacks judgment.
Edit; The Metropolitan police arrested a 47 year old man in the area who was carrying a knuckle duster and a bottle containing a dangerous substance, when they searched his flat it contained other weapons including a crossbow which was removed for forensic examination.
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I’m really into keeping tabs on government consultations but even I missed this.
Controls on the use of crossbows on public safety grounds (accessible)
The consultation is now closed (in April) but here is a link to the questions asked.
The first option is pretty much the same as the controls on low powered air guns, there is a middle option that sounds like a money grabbing scam and their most stringent option would equate to something like the Scottish registration of all air guns. The final most stringent option would almost certainly fall on firearm licensing departments of police authorities who are already falling behind due to procedural changes that have been forced on them by knee jerk reactions from government.
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