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Water purification


Slightly Addicted
Just got myself a bargain from FB market place. Complete sawyer gravity filtration system, for £25!

The seller reckons it's never been used.
This will make life so much easier when off camping. I already have a home made version using the sawyer mini filter and 2 hydration bladders, but it's a faff and not that efficient.
Nice one.....might be worth filling and soaking the lot.....bags tubes etc in Milton baby bottle cleaner......peace of mind kind of exercise.
Oh I will Bill, I don't think I could trust just using it straight, you never know these days. I don't know if the filter itself has a replacable inner? If not I'm hoping I can use one of my sawyer minis as a direct replacement.
It's getting harder to carry heavy weights long distances now, hoping by not having to carry more than 1 litre with me will make my life a little easier. Each litre weighing 1 kg and all that. Trying hard to get my kit to 20kg with food nowadays
I think this one was replaced by the SP2160 that uses the Sawyer mini. The plugs and spigots are arranged to make it impossible to to accidentally reverse the bags or hoses and so avoid contaminating them. I’ve no idea if you can still get the filter elements for this one but I’m betting that with a little thought you can make the mini fit.