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Very Addicted
It has been said many times, "I prefer to hang on to my tomahawk/axe, not practicle to throw it". Well there is a time & a place for everything they say, & there may be a time one day when you wish you were able to throw that axe. Reasons for being able to throw an axe accurately:
1) For hunting. The axe can be used as a hunting tool in times of need.
2) For recreation. Tomahawk throwing whether alone or in competition with others is a great way to enjoy yourself.
3) Self defence. Yes you may need to hang onto your tomahawk for defence purposes, but what if your attacker is about to shoot you from a distance? You may not hit him/her, but if you can make them duck or move it will delay the shot & give you time to escape or take cover.
4) Stopping an escape. Someone may be running off with something of yours & you need to stop them.
5) Saving someone else from something or someone.
met someone doing this at a living history camp last year, its not easy and it takes lots of practise...like anything.
met someone doing this at a living history camp last year, its not easy and it takes lots of practise...like anything.
The trick is to learn the right way first off, the right stance & moves, not doing it standing still. Once you have mastered throwing from a set distance, then you practice judging that distance for yourself instead of pacing it out. I used to keep an eye out for suitable dead trees when walking in the woods & just judge the distance & throw. It took a little while but once you have it, it will stay with you.
For practicality I think it is better to be accurate more than able to make the tomahawk stick in the target. Obviously when throwing at a target you want it to stick in, but you may have to throw it one day with no chance to judge the distance, & the important thing will be to hit that target & not necessarily stick it in. This is why I throw hard.
If I were to use a heavier axe & just pitch it slowly, it would be easy to stick it in the target every time, but in a real situation, you can't just pitch it, you would be throwing hard with the intention of doing damage regardless of whether the axe hits head first or not.