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Three Irishman


Quite Talkative
Paddy, Mick and Murphy are walking down the street on their way to a job interview on a building site. Paddy says to the others \'right lads, the foreman on this site doesnt like Irishmen so we better think of some good old English names to call ourselves or we wont get the jobs Mick says I know, lets look at the shops names on the way, that might give us some ideas. They arrive at the building site and Paddy goes in for his interview. The foreman asks Paddy his name and Paddy replies F.W.Woolwrth the foreman thinks this strange but tells Paddy that he can start work on Monday. Mick goes in for his interview and when the foreman asks his name, he replies, W.H.Smith the foreman once again thinks this is strange but tells Mick to start on Monday. Murphy then goes in to see the foreman and the foreman asks his name, Ken replies Murphy, Ken what ? asks the foreman, "Tucky Chicken" replies Murphy .