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These two, Shitbags and Grandson, genuinely love each other. I only have to say “Archie” and he runs to the door or window

Boys and dogs! Lovely. 👍
Here’s one we snapped driving home from the neighbours place. With the start of the cooler dry weather they come out and lie on the bitumen in the evening to try stay warm. My wife asked me to pull over so she could shoo this wee fella off the road to safety. She’s 5’7”. I’d guess it was 10-12’.

It was kinda sleepy with cold. Pet? Nup, we prefer to see these beautiful animals in the wild!


Whatever you do...... don't buy a Parrot Mike 🫣😄
When I was 9 or 10, my parents bought me a Budgie. Upon being told you could get them to mimic you, every day I would sit with it and say, out of earshot, “Bugger Off”……….Yep, they certainly can mimic you!

Anyone who visited was told to “Bugger off” Quick time!………I loved that Budgie. 👍😁

Edit: I wasn't PC back then.

Edit 2: I am even less PC now! 👍😁