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New beach surf rod.

Hi Mike. :)

The rod is a hybrid....ringed to use either multiplier or fixed spool.......I will be using multiplier mostly.
Reel seat travels.....so choice of up or down :thumbsup:

not a hundred percent on the reel seat.....so changing it for another.....still a movable one.

this one.

Looking forward to giving it a go :)
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Great stuff Bill, I like reel down personally, but really is each to their own. Nice looking real seat, I alway fish a pair, one with a coaster fitting, cannot make my mind up which one prefer. 🤔
Be Bass myself only lure fish now given up on the bait fishing with the big rods three years ago now a lot of years winter fishing has taken it's toll lol

Also put the big guns away years ago.....and lure/plug fishing took over in the main.

Gone full circle and trying the beach casters again.......ohhh how we live in hope :rofl: :(