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Early finish


Quite Talkative
An unexpected early finish at work yesterday left me with a few hours to kill before picking the other half up only one thing for it grab the rod and make the most had about three hours by the time l got down to the coast conditions weren't the best with the easterly winds that made casting the soft plastics rather difficult especially trying to keep in touch with them on the retrieve

A quick rummage through the bag for a change over to a hard plastic couldn't believe it had wrong box in bag no shallow diving lma komomo ll or fs one lure caught my eye new to me the Bassday Gyokusai 97F

Running at about 80cm fished it rod up on a slow retrieve had it fishing a bit shallower second cast and l was in only a small schoolie but welcome

took very close in always surprises me how close these fish will come in half a dozen casts later and get a good solid take stopped the lure dead had it on for a few seconds then off was definitely a better fish had a bit weight to it was low water now had enough time for an hour and a half of the flood then I'd had to be off was quite for the first hour then another schoolie showed itself

Quickly put back and back out fished on to the last minute before I had to make a move never liked having to leave when there's a possibility of more to come well have to wait till the weekend now might have a bit of a travel if weather plays ball
Excellent ......Good result and nice fishing!
Ground looks perfect and nice bit of chop.....thanks for sharing šŸ‘
Hope you weren't late picking the Mrs up šŸ¤­šŸ¤£