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Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener Review

Review Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener Review


Slightly Talkative
Gambo submitted a new resource:

Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener Review - Review Of The Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener

Unlike many other sharpening systems, the Blade-Tech unit is very compact, measuring only 75mm long, 25mm wide, and 3mm deep.
It tips the electronic scales at a very lightweight 16.4grams (makers claim 14grams)

The side plates are made from aluminium, into which are fastened two Tungsten Carbide sharpening wedges. It's available in four anodised finishes, natural, red, blue, and black. The brighter colours are great if you intend using the sharpener out in the...

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These sharpeners will make very short work of ruining any decent knife blade. Avoid, if you value your blades.
Mr litehammer , you know of any good one's , I currently use stone and steel but would like to know if there is a good easy option ?

Also anyone got any good recomendations for a good cheap knife ? I did like les's knife .. but me forgets what it was.
Try looking ay this place. Nice, quality knives, at good prices.

Moonraker Knives

As for a quick, easy knife sharpener? I use one of the small pull through sharpeners with crossed ceramic rods.
Dezyboy, a good cheap knife is the Mora Clipper and the only way to sharpen is to use stones, decent quality ones. I get old ones from autojumbles or car boot sales, but make sure they are flat and in good nick ;)
The Mora blade is a complete doddle to sharpen on a stone.
I have had one for a good few years and are okay for a quick edge but i use Japanese water stones to sharpen my knife properly.
I can confirm what Litehammer says.As only a short time ago a bloke down the range said I've got a great knife sharpener shall I try on it on your Victor Knox.He talked me stupidly into it.Knackered it, with great big nasty grooves the fine edge was ruined.More dull than than a Tony Blair speech..
I've always used a wet stone, got one which I use to level frets on a guitar, but also makes fabulous knife sharpener. Geoff
I've never really understood why folks use a whetstone for hunting knives - chisels, plane blades and other precision cutting tools I can understand, but not knives it's just a tad overkill in my mind.

Granted, I used the small 'spit and hone' sort of sharpening stone or a wee butcher's 'steel' to improve my knife's edge when in the field, but that was just to make the job easier when either skinning Foxes or gralloching and dismembering Deer when far from home.

When my knives eventually lost their edge, I usually re-sharpened them on my bench grinder, job done and ready for another day. :)
Mr Spock .... Some clever chap once said, "A knife cannot be too sharp for the job in hand. It can only be too dull."
He was comparing a clever bloke to a stupid one at the time but the principle holds true.

ps ..... It was me, lol
Hairy muff Steve, I guess I'm also a stupid bloke. :p

Seriously though, I reckon I've just seen too many fingers or bits of fingers sliced off in the butchering trade as a boy, those guys were knife experts and still they made mistakes…feck that! The knife injuries I saw back then was enough to put me off working in the butchering trade for life.

If you make a mistake with a sharpish knife then you get a bad cut, if you make a mistake with a razor sharp knife then the mistake is permanent, you lose the digit.

For shitebags like me I propose an alternative option to the whole blade being razor sharp. Ideally for me, the tip for the first half-inch should be razor sharp, from there to a half-inch from the hilt should be sharp and the remaining half-inch razor sharp.

Thats the way I always sharpened my hunting knives when skinning rabbits, hares, game birds, foxes, deer gralloching - it worked for me cos I've still got all my digits. :D