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Bait caster reels.

1 shot willie

Very Obsessed
Same as most anglers over the years I have used the normal Fixed spool and Multiplier reels.....Fly reels.

Never given the Bait caster reels much thought.....until now.
Confess to getting a lot of enjoyment fishing with a varied selection of lures/plugs and spoons/jig baits from the beach and rock stages....and hopefully the Kayak as well.
A few out there to choose from and to suit most budgets and applications.......so I thought I would give them a go.
After much reading and watching You Tube Videos I came across a budget brand named "Piscifun"

Two models stood out with regards to budget and performance......."The Piscifun Alijoz 300 size" and the "Piscifun Torrent".....size 200.
The two reels together cost under £150......so good bang for the buck!!

looking forward to them arriving soon.....may take one on the Holls to use.

Anyone else tried Bait Caster reels.....what are you using and how do you get on with them?

Great adjustability on both reels so setting them up should be hassle free.

Tight Lines :thumbsup:
Hi Rob.

When they arrive.....and I give them a go I will post up a first impressions comment :thumbsup:
I think they will be fun to use :)
In the clip the reel is shown with the power handle.....I have opted for the more traditional one.....more used to that......also in this guys.....and other videos there is mention that the power handle can flip forward when casting and re engage the spool......don't fancy that happening :(

Enjoy the clip:thumbsup:

For lure fishing I would say absolutely 👍🏻 I had a shimano bait caster, used it for small pike and polock…. Fantastic reels…. However a few things to keep in mind is these reels are designed for off boat and closer than your normal lure fishing, between 30 to 40yards…. You can push more with a heavier lure but it looses something after this. 30 to 40 yards is still a good punt tho👍🏻

Not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs but make sure the drag for casting allows a slight drop to the lure. This however can be a problem with light lures that don’t have the weight to drop and need the force from casting, think birds nest 😂 in that situation, a light swing and shake with the rod should allow you to see how it will move before cast.

Also lol…. Get a thumb guard if your going to use is with braid (braid is far superior to mono with these reels ) and if you plan on chucking lures for a while…

I don’t think you will be disappointed bill 👍🏻👍🏻 If I ever get back into lures I will have another 😁
Most of the lures etc that I use are in the 10 to 30gr bracket Mark.....so they should fly quite well.
Tried Braid in the past :thumbsdown: and found I much prefer Florocarbon 10/12lb for ease of use and knot tying.......sausages for fingers......and all the dexterity of a one legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake:whistle::rofl:

Got a couple of fast and medium action rods that should compliment the reels and get the balance right:)

If I keep fluffing them......I will put them in the post to you mate.......and buy my fish from the fishmongers like most other normal people do :rofl::):rolleyes:
Aye.........that just about sums it up mate......good action on the rod though 🤔 :rolleyes:

We took my mother fishing to Stonehaven when I was about 15….. she sat on her seat all day holding the rod …. Allllll day !! We told her to check her bait, but she’s just said I’m fine leave me alone,,,, so we did… at the end we started to pack up and my mother finally brought her rod in… she had hooked her jacket, the bloody hook and bait was hanging of her hood all day 😂😂
I think one of the bonuses with these reels is going to be the transportation.......no bulky awkward fixed spool hanging down if you leave your set up rigged for a grab and go session in the car :)
Knock at the door.....parcel on the step......one of the reels has turned up early......the Alijoz.
Had a good look over it and played with the spool tension and brakes....both work very well and effectively.
Filled the spool with 12lb Flourocarbon........off to the beach in the morning to fine tune the set up and play with the settings and casting different lure wieghts......chuffed with the colour matches the rod nicely.

Muts nuts buddy 😁😁👍🏻

Cheers Mark.

For a budget reel it seems to be well made and finished......happy with it.
Hoping the line lay will improve and sort itself out after a few good casts at the beach......bunching a bit in the middle of the spool......if it levels out it should be just abut there for line.

So thats the Holliday/travel rod well and truly sorted......well.....nearly :D :thumbsup:
The Piscifun Torrent reel turned up late yesterday afternoon.

Again.....very pleased with the quality for a budget reel.
Loaded the spool with Diawa Sensor monofil @ 10lb.
These reels are incredibly smooth.
I have put the Torrent on a Maximus MSHEZ27M fast action rod able to cast 7-35g.
This set up will be my go to for most lure fishing.

The Predator will be used more in the surf or strong winds where the heavier lures will come into their own.......and of course while on Holiday's.
Going down to the beach later on to have a play and tune/set it up :thumbsup:

Well that was fun.....just back from the beach.

A few Anglers dotted along the length of the beach....... fishing on the bottom.
I was about 15 minutes into playing with the set up trying to concentrate on the job in hand......and then along came "Mr Happy'........a guy from Burnley visiting family for a few days.
"Fishing is crap"...... he declared..........."been here for 4 hours and caught nowt"......then waffled on about what tactics he was using......."normally catch well"......he said.
It just went on and on........so I carried on casting with him muttering in my ear :rolleyes: :D

"I see you are using a Multiplier reel........bloody shit things they are......more trouble than they are worth......cant beat a fixed spool"

Shit I thought.....I hope I don't fluff a cast in front of him now..... and justify his comment :rofl:
Luckily I had dialed in the reel and was happily throwing out some birds nest free casts.

Any way........it soon became obvious the reel would benefit from a clean and oil inside.....bearings.....worm drive....spool ends etc just to smooth things out that bit more.....and give the confidence that I know the reel is on point myself.
A fairly strong breeze in my face did not help with casting the lures and obviously the heavier ones flying much better.
Left all the magnets in.....set the spool float and started on 5 with the adjustments.
An absolute pleasure to cast....letting the rod do the work and not trying to thrash it.

Did not catch anything by chance while playing......did not expect to......low water.

Next trip to the beach will be with the other set up.......so far so good......well happy :thumbsup:

A couple of pictures of lures used while playing.