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Alvey Bait Pump, Bait Pumping lugworms

1 shot willie

Very Obsessed
Many moons ago I used to dig my own worms for bait.......not an option for me these days :rolleyes:
So been looking around and quite fancy giving a "bait pump" a go......much easier than using a fork......and far more efficient.......no back filling trenches :)
The pumps are apparently easy to maintain and with some washing up liquid on hand to lubricate the tube....keeps the pump in good working order and easy to use.
Spare washers are available when things get a bit worn out........most of the pump bodies seem to be made from stainless steel......other options are out there.

pumping lug worm
Done a lot of looking around Mike ( I was going to say digging around 🤭......but....... :rolleyes: :D ) ......for me the Alvey is shining above most others.
Quality manufacturing and materials used........spares easily available.
Excellent bore size at 32mm.
A lot of home made offerings at far cheaper prices.....but personally I would rather spend on something that has earned its reputation.
With the costs of bait at present...... the pump will pay for itself over a few trips out.

This is the one I will more than likely go for :thumbsup:..........wos reckon?

Another good video clip for us newbies too :thumbsup:
When I used to night-line on the beach at Formby point I used one very similar made by a firm in Fleetwood. It was a bit larger diameter. Once you have the knack they’re incredibly fast compared to digging.
Decision made........ ordered the 800 32 Alvey this morning :)
After having another look around.......... I kept coming back to the Alvey.

On the website the 800 32 is showing as out of stock.....so I gave them a ring spoke to a very helpful chap called Nick.
He gave me a number to ring and it turned out they had 3 left in stock so I struck lucky :thumbsup:

In the post today :)
Pump arrived this morning.....so well made....impressed so far......Will give it a go next week. ....hopefully better weather by then.

Portable Vacuum Sealer Set,Geliking Rechargeable Handheld Pump with 10 Reusable Vacuum Sealer Bags for Food Storage

This item Portable Vacuum Sealer Set,Geliking Rechargeable Handheld Pump with 10 Reusable Vacuum Sealer Bags for Food Storage

Premature maybe :D .........BUT.......just in case I manage to pump a few worms or need to freeze down other baits........this will come in handy and prolong storage times in the freezer.
Handy to store pre prepared baits like squid and lug/crab wraps and the likes.

Reusable bags and supposed to be durable.

For sale on Amazon £23.00



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It never affected me because I’d collect as much bait as I needed as I waited for the tide to go out, then re bait the hooks at low tide. The bait pump did mean that I could collect enough worms to bait a twenty four trace nightline in about fifteen to twenty minutes as I walked down to the low tide line.
I did know some guys that used to sell a lot of lugworm as bait but they used to take too much for it to be sustainable. They plundered an area then moved on, much as the Chinese cockle collector gangs did back in the late 80’s.