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  1. Keith

    Alternate Lighting. Making Dipped Candles.

  2. Keith

    Stinging Nettle.

    Stinging nettles can also be boiled or steamed as a green veg to go with other dishes. To me it tastes like Spinach. This plant grows widely in the UK & in Australia.
  3. Keith

    Making Cordage From Plant Fibres.

  4. Keith

    Blade Sharpening & The Whetting Stone.

    I learnt to use this method many years ago from a chap who's occupation at that time was sharpening surgical blades for hospital surgeons. Keith. The Whetstone & file I carry in my pack. Honing & Whetstones 18th Century (Nottingham University Museum).
  5. Keith

    Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More Part Two.

  6. Keith

    Making Sulphur Matches/spunks.

    Please take care when performing this task. Sulphur fumes are quite strong smelling & if you put too much sulphur on the match/splint then it can drip fire. Do this somewhere safe where you can't set the house on fire. This task is easy to perform, you just need to take care. Keith.
  7. Keith

    How I Lay My Fire.

  8. Keith

    Field Preparation Of Plant & Fungi Tinders For Fire Lighting.

  9. Keith

    The Bodger.

  10. Keith

    Movie. Pandemic. 2007.

    Not bad at all for its day. Good movie, watchable. Parts of it almost like a doco showing the steps that led to the Pandemic spreading from one person to another. It could have showed more, & I think the ending was a little too good to be realistic, but on the whole I think they did a good job...
  11. Keith

    Ships Biscuit.

  12. Keith

    Peas Pudding.

  13. G1ZmO

    Does anyone have one of these 'Action' cameras?

    As per title. I am considering buying this to use to video our bushcraft activities as taking videos with my DSLR kills the battery sharpish! Thanks in advance, Paul