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trail foods

  1. Keith

    Drying Corn On The Cob.

  2. Keith

    Travel & Trail Foods.

    Note that one of these travelers is carrying live chooks. If you have to leave the city or even if you have to leave your home elsewhere to find safety in the countryside, then you will need to travel light. The lighter the foods & equipment you carry, the more you can carry & the easier it will...
  3. Keith

    Food Drying For Preserving.

    All foods can be dried, vegetables & meat & all vegetables can be dried, even brassicas. You can dry foods in the sun, or over a fire or in the open oven of a wood fired stove. Pumpkin sliced & placed on oven trays ready for drying. Apple sliced & placed on racks for drying on top of our wood...
  4. Keith

    Ships Biscuit.

  5. Keith

    Trail Foods. Corn.

  6. Keith

    Food & Water For Home & Bugging Out.

    There are many important items that you need for home & for going abroad, but food & water must be considered a priority. If you can forage, or you grow your own food, good, but you must back this up with a good supply of dried foods. You do not need to spend money on freeze dried foods or RAT...