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  1. Keith

    My Fire Bag.

    This is my fire bag, it is made of clothing weight leather & greased to make it waterproof. It contains my tinderbox. Rolling the top down keeps the water out & I carry this in my belt pouch. I had to swim my boat to shore one winter on the Great Lakes, hit by a sudden storm the boat was swamped...
  2. Keith

    In A Woodsrunner's Camp.

    After seeing Mark's post I thought I would post this one. I find this one a bit long winded, I should have edited out the long lead in time. Still it is watchable if you find this sort of thing interesting. Keith.
  3. Keith

    Firelock/flintlock Fire Lighting.

    Another advantage if you are carrying a flintlock gun, rifle or pistol. It gives you another back-up fire lighting method. Interestingly the term tinderbox/tinder box does not always refer to just the container used for holding tinder, it can also refer to the flint & steel method per se. In the...
  4. Keith

    No "charcloth" Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.

  5. Keith

    Flint, Steel & Tinderbox Fire Lighting & Preparing Plant & Fungi Tinders.

  6. Keith


    So, no comments on my primitive fire lighting posts, I thought that would be something members would have an interest in. Would anyone care to comment why there is no interest? Just so I know what not to post in future. Keith.
  7. Keith

    How I Lay My Fire.

  8. Keith

    Preparing Plant & Fungi Tinders.

  9. Keith

    Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.

  10. Keith

    Recognising Punk Wood.

  11. Keith

    The Joseph Method of Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.

  12. Keith

    NO "charcloth" Flint & Steel Fire lighting.

  13. Keith

    My Belt Pouch.

    I have carried this belt pouch for many years, it contains my greased fire bag with tinderbox (flint & steel fire lighting), fishing tackle in a brass container, & a brass sundial compass.
  14. Keith

    My Fire Lighting Equipment.

    My greased leather fire bag. My brass tinderbox with charred plant tinder & a musket flint. My original 18th century fire steel. Copies of various fire steels are readily available, or you can make your own from an old metal file.