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  1. buksbart


    When cleaning the attic, I found my old toolbox that i used as a kid. After some cleaning, it is put to good use. :D Do you also have storage for your airgun supplies? Show them in this topic! Mine:
  2. John Fenna

    Sigg Aluminium Boxes

    Sigg, famous for their top-quality aluminium water bottles, have recently added stackable aluminium boxes to their range. Available in Maxi (228mm x 145mmx 77mm) and Mini (170mm x 117mm x 60mm) sizes weighing around 290gm and 170gm respectively, these very versatile boxes can be used for...
  3. John Fenna

    aLOKSAK 4 Pack Multi Size Large

    Ok, it has been known to rain in Wales, on the odd occasion at least, so it is wise to make sure that sensitive, valuable, gear such as phone, GPS, maps, car keys etc. are kept waterproof, or risk spoiling a days damp but exhilarating walking. One option that I have tried and like to the extent...
  4. Keith

    Uk Supermarket Chain To Sell Stock After 'best Before' Dates To Cut Food Waste

    Here is your best chance to stock up on foods that will store well, don't miss this opportunity. https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/38151603/uk-supermarket-to-sell-food-past-best-before-date-reducing-waste/