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  1. Bryan

    Deer Stalking

    Deer stalking This Code of Practice has been produced to provide an introductory guide to deer stalking. Although much of the code is applicable to stalking in the Highlands it has been written primarily with the lowland, woodland shooter in mind. This is because the Highland rifle generally...
  2. Bryan

    Scottish Country Sports

    Welcome to the national web portal for shooting, stalking / hunting and fishing in Scotland, offering news, events, sporting seasons, information for beginners and much more. Use this portal to search through over 200 sporting providers offering all country sports in Scotland from game shooting...
  3. R

    Long range shooting scope?

    Hi everyone, just curious as to what folks are using or would recommend for long range shooting, i.e. 300yards plus sort of thing. As im thinking about getting a .308 on my FAC ticket as recently passed my BASC DSC Level 1 and keen to get into deer stalking but also the long range accuracy...
  4. P

    Newbie in Derbyshire

    Hello All Just came across this site while searching for stalking opportunities. Had a browse around, great site. Ive been game shooting for years and relatively recently taken up stalking. DSC1 and BASC member.