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  1. HillBill

    Five Pound Sharpening Kit

    Now, if you have £30-£40 to invest in a set of water stones, plus £20 for a razor strop and £20 for a great chef steel, you can get a razor edge on your knife. I do mean shaving sharp. But what if you haven’t? Well a friend of mine challenged me to get a beaten up Mora to shave for under five...
  2. HillBill

    How To Sharpen An Axe

    The techniques used in here are intended to provide not only a sharp axe but also a safe and efficient axe. Before we begin, its useful both to define the terms we will use and also to examine what we are setting out to achieve. Parts Of The Axe: Below is a jargon key to the parts of an axe...
  3. S

    shaving sharp or custom mods

    i don't usually join forums etc but as a lifelong knife addict since 7 year old i had to share this all too rare find with others. if you're like me and take ages to sharpen a knife then scowl at the blade marks afterwards. i did a google search expecting no luck and what a surprise found a guy...
  4. Matt Mac

    Sharpening trouble

    Hi guys I'm really struggling to get a decent edge on any of my knives. The only this that seems to work are some 6" diamond stones, fine and extra fine. Everyone says that the edge isn't very good tho. I've just bought a lansky and it's not really doing anything, I've tried water stones, 1000...