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  1. Keith

    Setting A Rabbit Snare On A Burrow.

  2. R

    industrial estates??

    hi everyone, just a random query as on the way back from my permission last night, which the rabbits seem to have vacated, i saw well over half dozen rabbits just sat there on the side of the grass verge around an industrial estate i travel through to get to my perm. who would be the owner of...
  3. Logun lad

    Rabbits In Cider

    Ingredients: Two quarterd rabbits 1/2 Pint cider any will do but strong still scrumpy best 2 onions large chopped (small) 4 carrots peelled choped (small) 1/2 pint chicken stock again real stock is better but you can use a cube. Any herbs that you like, I like Basil or tarragon small amount...