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  1. M

    Search for land owners

    Hi guys New to the forum here and looking forward to learning a thing or two from you all, read some great threads so far! So the legalities of wild camping in the UK are pretty much known by all on here I guess, giving me the same issue I’m sure many of you do - how to find landowners in...
  2. S

    land required

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some shooting land, preferably in Devon or near by, I'm willing to shoot any legal game or vermin. can bring: air rifles, shot guns (.410 or 12ga), .22lr (open ticket) and also .308 for deer. I'm willing to help out, especially if i can add some full bore approved...
  3. R

    moley moley moooole!

    hi everyone, at one of my permissions theyre having a serious mole problem and have asked me to see if i can try and get rid of them. using the 12 gauge or digging the place up isnt really an option due to it being a golf course so another method is needed, so i was wondering whether any of you...
  4. R

    A nice suprise!

    Well as some of you may or may not know, back at the start of the year i spent quite a while researching and writing down page after page of local farms/areas where i thought i could go and seek permission to pest control upon. so the location name, address and the owners names if i could find...
  5. R

    industrial estates??

    hi everyone, just a random query as on the way back from my permission last night, which the rabbits seem to have vacated, i saw well over half dozen rabbits just sat there on the side of the grass verge around an industrial estate i travel through to get to my perm. who would be the owner of...
  6. B

    Nottinghamshire Permission Wanted

    Experienced Air rifle hunter requires modest shooting permission or partnership in the Nottinghamshire area. BASC insured, 12ftlb BSA Superten. Livestock and grounds respected, all work undertaken. I am prepared to pay for the right place, I will also travel to nearby areas. If anyone is...