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making fire

  1. Keith

    My Fire Bag.

    This is my fire bag, it is made of clothing weight leather & greased to make it waterproof. It contains my tinderbox. Rolling the top down keeps the water out & I carry this in my belt pouch. I had to swim my boat to shore one winter on the Great Lakes, hit by a sudden storm the boat was swamped...
  2. Keith

    Firelock/flintlock Fire Lighting.

    Another advantage if you are carrying a flintlock gun, rifle or pistol. It gives you another back-up fire lighting method. Interestingly the term tinderbox/tinder box does not always refer to just the container used for holding tinder, it can also refer to the flint & steel method per se. In the...
  3. Keith

    Gunpowder Tinder Fire Lighting.

    Please take care if using this method, you do not need much black powder to make it work! Keith.
  4. Keith

    Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More Part Three Final

  5. Keith

    Recognising/identifying Punk Wood & More Part One.

    Punkwood/Punk wood/Wildfire is a plant tinder used in flint & steel fire lighting, Fire-Bow fire lighting & many other methods of primitive fire lighting. This tinder can be found where ever there is a forest or woodlands world wide. Keith.
  6. Keith

    Making Sulphur Matches/spunks.

    Please take care when performing this task. Sulphur fumes are quite strong smelling & if you put too much sulphur on the match/splint then it can drip fire. Do this somewhere safe where you can't set the house on fire. This task is easy to perform, you just need to take care. Keith.
  7. Keith

    How I Lay My Fire.

  8. Keith

    Candle & Tinder Fire Lighting.

  9. Keith

    Flint & Steel Fire Lighting

    This was made some years ago using my old video camera, but I think it is still watchable. Keith.
  10. Keith

    Show Us Your Fire Lighting Kit.

    “Dwarves can make a fire almost anywhere out of almost anything, wind or no wind; but they could not do it that night, not even Oin & Gloin, who were especially good at it”. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien What has he got in his pocketsies precious? Show us your fire kit & how you carry it.
  11. Keith

    A Look At What Sustainable Survival Means. Or, Learning From History.

    Trappers Camp By David Wright. A Look At What Sustainable Survival Means. Or, Learning From History. The fur trade in America’s west lasted just 15 years, from 1825 to 1840. Why do I choose to use this place for this article? Because this event in this time period better explains the point I...
  12. Keith

    Reading Glass Fire Lighting.

  13. Keith

    How I Lay My Fire.

  14. Keith

    Preparing Plant & Fungi Tinders.

  15. Keith

    Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.