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  1. Keith

    Alternate Lighting. Making Dipped Candles.

  2. Keith

    Without Electricity.

    We lived for over 20 years without any electricity, I made a coolgardie safe from sacking & wood to keep foods cool & we used grease lamps, home dipped candles of tallow & wax & rush lights for lighting. Keith. Our two rush lights. One of our grease lamps. Beeswax dipped candles...
  3. Keith


    As you can see these tinderlighters have candle holders attached. They are kept by the bed in case you have to get up in the night & need light. See how to use these in the "Skills" section of this forum. Keith.
  4. Keith

    Tinderlighter Fire Lighting.

    You probably would not bother to carry a Tinderlighter in your bug-out bag, although you could, but as lonewolf has pointed out many times, in a major shtf situation where there is no electricity, we will be living in an 18th century technological society. In this day & age we have matches &...
  5. Keith

    Making Dipped Candles.

  6. Keith

    Making Sulphur Matches/spunks.

    Please take care when performing this task. Sulphur fumes are quite strong smelling & if you put too much sulphur on the match/splint then it can drip fire. Do this somewhere safe where you can't set the house on fire. This task is easy to perform, you just need to take care. Keith.
  7. Keith

    Candle & Tinder Fire Lighting.