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  1. likkylok

    Experiences buying from huntingandknives?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a knife from huntingandknives.co.uk. It's been a over 2 weeks since the order was placed (payment was made via PayPal), and although I did get an order confirmation email the day the order was placed, I haven't had any further emails or shipping/tracking...
  2. Rathwulven BC

    MINI SERIES: Affordable & Awesome Bushcraft Knives

    Hi folks got another series coming, here is episode number one. The entire series will be about knives that have proven themselves to be irreplaceable companions throughout the last years - but at the same time are affordable. The series is predominantly designed for beginners but maybe one of...
  3. Rathwulven BC

    Expired Storage room clear out

    Hi all, I am currently clearing my storage and do have some items to either swap or give away for a fair contribution. I don't just want to put a price tag on it but rather see if someone would like swapping blades or has another idea. Feel free to reach out via message if something catches your...
  4. Rathwulven BC

    Basic Knife Safety

    Hi folks, I made a new video - probably some of you know the drill already, but certainly worth sharing with beginners in the field of bushcraft. As usual please share feedback or other remarks. It helps me develop the channel.
  5. lee

    Azero 120101 White Micarta Folding Knife

    I've been looking for a white Micarta folding knife to pair up with my Boker and finally found one on the Hunting & Knives website. The knife arrived by courier on next day signed delivery the day after payment was sent. This knife is pure white and my boker is ivory white so not a true match...
  6. John Fenna

    Casstrom: Joker No. 74 Folding Knife

    The Joker No 74 Folding Knife forms part of Casstroms' "Continental" range and is a useful and attractive pocket knife. It has a satin-finished 2mm thick carbon (or stainless steel as the No 77) 7cm drop point (almost spear point) flat ground, 1.75cm wide blade with a secondary bevel, that...
  7. elliott92

    DPB-1 Handmade Knife

    The site was kindly offered a handmade knife by professional knife maker: Mark Hill aka hillbill on the forum and I was kindly tasked with doing the review. This was one review I'd been looking forward to for some time as I have seen marks work first hand before, I couldn't wait to get my hands...
  8. John Fenna

    Mora Companion Knife

    Mora Knives have an enviable reputation and history of producing excellent and affordable fixed blade knives that are real workhorses, while also being comfortable and easy to maintain. For a long time the "Mora Clipper" was the knife that all others seemed to be judged against, but now the...
  9. John Fenna

    Helle Jegermester Knife

    I have long been a fan of Helle Knives and think that they produce some of the best looking, most practical and useful commercial knives available. I have recently been trying out the Helle Jegermester and have found no reason to change my opinion! A classic hunter's knife in the Norwegian...
  10. Leif

    Sissipuukko M95

    This morning, with rain pouring down, I sat drinking a coffee when I heard someone knocking at my door, curious as I wasn't expecting anyone. I jumped up and answered the door and there before me stood the postman with a small package. As soon as I saw the writing and the address on the...
  11. Keith

    Blade Identification.

    This knife belonged to my Father. Can anyone tell me what this knife is & what is its function please. Thank you. Keith. The cutting edge is only beveled on one side of the blade. This part is not sharpened at all.
  12. Far

    Entry level general purpose bushcraft knife: Bushlore or Perkin bushcraft o1?

    Hi everybody! I got really into bushcraft in the last year or two, and I've always used a mora that served me well. Now I'm thinking about getting a new, sturdier general purpose bushcraft knife and keep the mora as a backup knife and for leisure carving purpose only. I don't want to spend a lot...
  13. G1ZmO

    Ultra cheap knife - Extol Hunting Knife

    I know there are knife specialists here who will probably scoff at this thing but I'm continually on the lookout for budget kit as I just cannot afford to spend £100 on a better class knife. Yes, I know but I'm a sucker for a bargain and £6 is no loss if it's utter kack. Out of box mini-review...
  14. Gambo

    Blade-Tech Knife Sharpener Review

    Unlike many other sharpening systems, the Blade-Tech unit is very compact, measuring only 75mm long, 25mm wide, and 3mm deep. It tips the electronic scales at a very lightweight 16.4grams (makers claim 14grams) The side plates are made from aluminium, into which are fastened two Tungsten...