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  1. likkylok

    Experiences buying from huntingandknives?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a knife from huntingandknives.co.uk. It's been a over 2 weeks since the order was placed (payment was made via PayPal), and although I did get an order confirmation email the day the order was placed, I haven't had any further emails or shipping/tracking...
  2. Keith

    Tomahawk Throwing & How To Throw A Tomahawk For Beginners.

    Tomahawk or axe throwing is a good survival skill to learn, as it can be used in defence, & for hunting. Tomahawk throwing is also a competition sport & good entertainment when you have some free time. Keith.
  3. Keith

    Skinning & Butchering Game.

  4. Keith

    Fauna Foods In The Uk.

    I thought perhaps a list of food animals available in the UK might be a good idea, especially those less thought of these days. My Father was born in 1904, I I remember him telling me about how the poorer village children would hunt for food using sticks & catapults. So I will start off this...
  5. Keith

    Flintlock Muzzle-loading Guns, Rifles & Pistols.

    This post is in response to earlier requests for more information on firearms. I do NOT consider my guns to be weapons, I think of them as tools, but of course they can be used for defence as well as hunting & in the case of a flintlock, the lock can be used to make fire. My .32 caliber...
  6. Keith

    Loading 12 Gauge Brass Cartridges With Black Powder.

  7. Keith

    Air Rifle. A Big One!

  8. Keith

    Meeting At Dragon's Claw.

  9. Keith

    Muzzleloader Choices-rifle Or Smoothbore.

  10. Keith

    My Survival Tools For Hunting & Defence.

    I live off grid in a forest, & I hope to stay here even if we are faced with a TEOTWAWKI survival situation. We have friends & family who are all trained in various skills & we are well equipped with modern firearms & primitive hunting tools. But, we are also prepared to leave here & move...
  11. Keith

    Hunting & Defence.

    Now for those of you who have not followed my blogs or read any of my articles, this may be a new concept. There are a lot of different tools/weapons you can use for hunting & defence. Without a doubt the best tool for defence would have to be the modern firearm, BUT, the modern firearm is not...
  12. Keith

    Thoughts On Equipment.

    I know there is a lot of good gear out there, & I do not shun all modern equipment, BUT, I do believe that much of what is sold for survival these days is a waste of space, literally. Modern firearms have their place, but for many they are not obtainable without a lot of inconvenience. Modern...
  13. Bryan

    Scottish Country Sports

    Welcome to the national web portal for shooting, stalking / hunting and fishing in Scotland, offering news, events, sporting seasons, information for beginners and much more. Use this portal to search through over 200 sporting providers offering all country sports in Scotland from game shooting...
  14. Bryan

    Best Fittings

    We are a small family business located in the northern part of the Dorset countryside. We are committed to bringing high quality, well engineered products to the discerning Air Gunner, and complete customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our developments within the Air Gun world were...
  15. R

    A nice suprise!

    Well as some of you may or may not know, back at the start of the year i spent quite a while researching and writing down page after page of local farms/areas where i thought i could go and seek permission to pest control upon. so the location name, address and the owners names if i could find...
  16. R

    New Member located in Plymouth

    Hi all, just joined yesterday as such thought it a good and polite thing to introduce myself and what im all about to a point no-one wants to hear my life story eh!haha. My name is Daniel 'Shadz' Shadbolt, im 29 and originally from Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Joined the Royal Navy in 2003 and...
  17. L

    Beginner looking to get involved in hunting

    Hi, I would like to get involved in hunting and looking to buy an air rifle for beginners. Please could anyone give me advice on what air rifle I should get, and any other tips for hunting. The animals I am interested in hunting is feral and wood pigeons as well as rats and rabbits. Many thanks
  18. mongrelwayne

    Weihrauch HW90K what do you think

    hi all just got a Weihrauch HW90K what do ppl think and what should i do to make it better and maintain it??? thanks from wayne
  19. mongrelwayne

    plymouth permisson wanted

    hi all im looking for some where to shoot around the plymouth area any help would be greatly helpful from wayne