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  1. G1ZmO

    OneTigris Cozshack hammock hot tent

    Saw this and thought of @cuckoo996 He mentions that this is big enough for 2 hammocks (no idea how that would work though). Or maybe a double? Plus you have the stove hole. Can me hooked to the back of a vehicle as a hammock awning @Matt ? £210 on Amazon...
  2. Philmandoo

    Hammock UQ Protector

    Hi Folks Been meaning to make one of these for ages and finally sorted it - a water resistant underquilt cover for my hammock. Pretty simple to make, I pegged the material on at each end and then folded both sides of the material over my hammock and marked it. A quick hem on the sewing machine...
  3. Kernowek Scouser

    DD Frontline Hammock

    So the weather and my snuffles improved today, to the point where I could get out and try my new hammock in surroundings it was meant for. For anyone unfamiliar with the hammock I'll begin with a few quick specifications. Name: DD Frontline Hammock. Size: 2.7m x 1.4m. Weight: 850g. Colour...
  4. Gazo

    Tenth Wonder Hornet 3 Layer Hammock With Mosquito Net

    After searching the internet high and low for the type of hammock I wanted at the right price I came across the Tenth Wonder (TW) Hornet 3 layer hammock with fitted mosquito net. I chose this hammock for a few reasons, first being my weight and size at 125kg and over 6' tall I needed something...
  5. Kitstaa

    Craghoppers hammock

    Hello folks and apologies for being inactive for a while (had a lot of exams etc.) I bought this hammock a few days to try out as I haven't been able to persuade myself to buy a hammock before! It was reduced to £22.50 and so I thought that now is the time to get one.. Took it out yesterday in...
  6. G1ZmO

    Hammock Underblankets

    I have a OneTigris hammock but I'm looking for an underblanket for the winter. My question is, are they specific to the hammock type? i.e. do I need to buy a OneTigris blanket (which is £72 on Amazon for the winter one!) or doesn't it matter? TIA