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  1. Keith


    I recently started a discussion on Reddit (I have since cancelled my registration!) regarding the lack of support shown to muzzle-loader owners by the rest of the firearms community. As an example I mentioned that I had started a petition to have reproduction flintlock, wheellock & matchlock...
  2. Keith

    Smooth Pistols. Meeting At Dragon's Claw.

  3. Keith

    Making Wads And Patching For A Smoothbore Muzzle Loader

  4. Keith

    What Are Your Personal Defence Weapons/tools

    What are your personal defence weapons? This is NOT what you would like to have or prefer to have, this means what have you got right now put by for a TEOTWAWKI should it ever happen. I have been giving some thought as to what we could be up against. Most of the guns out there are probably in...
  5. Keith

    The Flintlock Muzzle-loader Versus The Modern Breach-loader For Long Term Wilderness Living.

    The Flintlock Muzzle-Loader Versus the Modern Breach-Loader for long term wilderness living. The advantages of the breach-loader 1) The breach-loader is easy to load, & repeaters are fast to reload. 2) Some rifles are accurate over a long distance. 3) The shotgun is fairly versatile but...
  6. Keith

    Flintlock Muzzle-loading Guns, Rifles & Pistols.

    This post is in response to earlier requests for more information on firearms. I do NOT consider my guns to be weapons, I think of them as tools, but of course they can be used for defence as well as hunting & in the case of a flintlock, the lock can be used to make fire. My .32 caliber...
  7. Keith


    I have noticed that few preppers are actually prepared to list the equipment that they have in their B.O.B. I am not sure why this is. "When packing for the trail there must be a compromise between two principles; minimum weight & maximum self reliance". I wonder how many preppers actually...
  8. Keith

    Air Rifle. A Big One!

  9. Keith

    Times Of Change!

  10. Keith

    Meeting At Dragon's Claw.

  11. Keith

    When Is It Too Late?

    It is too late to acquire sufficient supplies, provisions & equipment as soon as shtf news reaches the public. Some people have the idea that when it all goes down, this is the best time for looting. WRONG! Everyone will be grabbing what they can, supermarket shelves will empty in minutes, not...
  12. Keith

    Pdf Home Office Guide On Firearms Licensing Law. Uk.

  13. Keith

    Some Of My Weapons/tools.

    I prefer to refer to my guns & blades as tools rather than weapons, but of course they serve equally well for defence as they do for hunting. I prefer 18th century equipment because it is robust, practicle & sustainable. I do own modern firearms, but for long term survival I depend on my 18th...
  14. Keith

    My Survival Tools For Hunting & Defence.

    I live off grid in a forest, & I hope to stay here even if we are faced with a TEOTWAWKI survival situation. We have friends & family who are all trained in various skills & we are well equipped with modern firearms & primitive hunting tools. But, we are also prepared to leave here & move...
  15. Bryan

    Pax Guns

    We are a long established and well known shop that has just undergone some significant changes. The new Manager, Chris Thrale, is able to provide advice professionally, freely and without obligation in "Old World" surroundings. Chris has a special interest in vintage air guns and is always happy...
  16. Bryan

    Leisure Fayre

    Leisure Fayre is your outdoor superstore. The following is a list of what you can find on our website: GUNS, KNIVES & BOWS CAMPING FURNITURE COOKING & EATING CARAVAN, BIKE & CAR LIGHT & HEAT RUCKSACKS & BAGS TENTS & ACCESSORIES SLEEPING HIKING & OUTDOOR EQ GAS & OTHER FUELS CLOTHES & ACCESSORY...
  17. Bryan


    Pownalls is a long standing family business, established in 1900, specialising in fishing tackle, airguns, soft airguns, rifles, pistols, archery equipment and a wide range of accessories to match. Pownalls have been trading from our Regent Road premises in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, since 1900...
  18. Bryan

    Henry Krank

    Everything any shooter needs, large stocks and fast deliveries. Dealers in Antique Arms, Armour & Accessories. Browse our huge collection of antique arms and armour online. Photos of 100s of antiques for sale. We also buy antiques. We buy antique arms, armour and accessories. If you have one...
  19. Bryan

    Phoenix Air Guns Ltd

    Phoenix was originally based in the gun quarter on the outskirts of Birmingham city centre and known to many under the banner of Parker Hale, it has since changed hands and is now owned by Pax and has moved to Chingford in London. All guns are manufactured solely in the UK and are aimed more...
  20. Bryan

    Baikal Guns

    "IZHEVSKY MEKHANICHESKY ZAVOD" JSC is one of the largest enterprises of Russia`s Agency on Conventional Armament. The company has no match neither in production volumes nor in the variety of sporting-hunting, air and service weapons, which has become world-famous mainly because of moderate...