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frontier art

  1. Keith

    Frontier Art 4

    Militia in camp By Pamela Patrick White. This list is from the Bourlamaque Papers, National Archives of Canada (1757). EQUIPMENT FOR THE MILITIAMAN DURING SUMMER: 1 blanket; 1 capot or bougrine (capot or a loose blouse or cape?); 2 cotton shirts; 1 breech cloth; 1 pair of leggings ; 2 skeins...
  2. Keith

    Frontier Art 3

    Winter Windfall By John Buxton. It was not unusual for settlers to carry too much gear with them into the wilderness. This could slow them down & at times stop them completely, because the ground they were covering would not take the weight, or the oxen/horses were unable to pull the load up...
  3. Keith

    Frontier Art 2

    The Warrior's Cache By Robert Griffing. I know some members are in favour of using caches, & of course the idea is not new. No hole digging here though, just a dry nook in the rocks. Keith.
  4. Keith

    Frontier Art.

    I thought I would post a series of these modern period art paintings for anyone who might be interested. We have come to trade, By Robert Griffing. Griffing is one of my favourite artists & we have a couple of his prints on our dining room wall. Keith.