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  1. Keith

    New Section For Skills. Opinions Please.

    Well the new skills section is up & running, I think Brownbear is the only one to post "Thanks". Just wondering what your thoughts are. So far I am the only one posting on this section, not a problem, but is it worth me continuing to post more skills? Am I posting the right sort of skills? Just...
  2. Keith

    Guidelines For Any Discussion.

  3. Keith

    Editing Posts.

    Why is there a time limit set on editing our own posts? This can be a real pain & often means making more posts to correct any eras so taking up more room on the forum. Can this be corrected/changed please? Keith.
  4. Keith

    Any Requests?

    We have a variety of people on this forum with varied experiences. Is there anything that you would like to see discussed on this forum? Any information you would like to see? Skills you would like to learn? Keith.
  5. Keith

    Why Are They There?

    I have been visiting a couple of other British survival forums this week, & the experience has left me wondering why people are on those forums. Lemmings come to mind! If they don't think any survival situation will arise in the UK, what the hell are they doing on the forum in the first place...