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  1. Matt

    A Calendar Of Foraged Food In The UK

    January Cowberry, Chickweed, Common Sorrel, Crow Garlic, Hairy Bittercress, Wood Sorrel, Winter cress, Wild Cabbage, February Nettle, Chickweed, Common Sorrel, Crow Garlic, Dandelion Root, Hairy Bittercress, Wood Sorrel, Winter cress, Wild Cabbage, March Black Mustard, Chickweed, Common...
  2. Keith

    The New Berry Patch & Comeback After Hail Storm.

    Well I haven't quite finished the new berry patch yet, I still have the wires to install for the berries to climb on, but I cut two poles out of the copse today, debarked them both & used them as braces on top of the berry patch posts. As you can see the mushroom compost & manure has been...
  3. Kitstaa

    Woodland walk and lunch by the fire

    Enjoyed a frosty late-morning walk today, cooked beans and made tea by the fire I started with "Burner Firestarters" looking to make a bow drill soon as I would like to learn more "primitive" techniques of doing things, what opinion do you all have on bow drills? Or what is your favourite way of...
  4. Keith

    Pacific Crane At Cattail Pond In Wychwood Forest.

  5. Keith

    Garlic As A Food & Medicine.

    Since making this video I have done a little more research. Most authorities on the subject of foods seem to agree that garlic was not high on the list of good foods, but further research of my own shows that this was mainly among the upper classes, and it was because of the garlic smell. Among...
  6. Keith

    Drying Corn On The Cob.

  7. Keith

    Constructing & Using The Raft Duck Trap.

  8. Keith

    Skinning & Butchering Game.

  9. Keith

    Meet The Aussie Woman Who Hasn't Spent A Cent In Two Years

  10. lonewolf

    17th Century Food Experiments.

    a scientific friend once said that our ancient ancestors used to eat about 2000 different types of food, modern people only eat about 200 types, many eat less than that.
  11. Keith

    The Cage Trap & The Figure 4 Trigger.

  12. Keith

    Wilderness Living. The Trail Snare.

  13. Keith

    Setting A Rabbit Snare On A Burrow.

  14. Keith

    What Have You Done Recently To Improve Your Lifestyle & Chances Of Survival?

    Well, I finished all the plumbing on the new outside laundry & installed an outside sink with plumbing for washing vegies etc. I fixed the not charging problem on the tractor. I fitted a new master brake cylinder on the Russian Lada 4WD & improved on the throttle control. I fitted an overflow...
  15. Keith


    I have noticed that few preppers are actually prepared to list the equipment that they have in their B.O.B. I am not sure why this is. "When packing for the trail there must be a compromise between two principles; minimum weight & maximum self reliance". I wonder how many preppers actually...
  16. Keith

    Ships Biscuit.

  17. Keith

    Period Living Skills-making Cheese.

  18. Keith

    Two Tips.

    1) Rhubarb is the first fruit available after winter. 2) It is said that anyone who grows Jerusalem Artichokes will never go hungry. This root crop is available all year round & just keeps coming back. The green tops can be fed to stock, & the dried stalks make great kindling.Not a lot of taste...
  19. Keith

    Food & Water For Home & Bugging Out.

    There are many important items that you need for home & for going abroad, but food & water must be considered a priority. If you can forage, or you grow your own food, good, but you must back this up with a good supply of dried foods. You do not need to spend money on freeze dried foods or RAT...