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  1. Keith

    Smooth Pistols. Meeting At Dragon's Claw.

  2. Keith

    Making Wads And Patching For A Smoothbore Muzzle Loader

  3. Keith

    The Flintlock Muzzle-loader Versus The Modern Breach-loader For Long Term Wilderness Living.

    The Flintlock Muzzle-Loader Versus the Modern Breach-Loader for long term wilderness living. The advantages of the breach-loader 1) The breach-loader is easy to load, & repeaters are fast to reload. 2) Some rifles are accurate over a long distance. 3) The shotgun is fairly versatile but...
  4. Keith

    Air Rifle. A Big One!

  5. Keith

    Air Guns In The Extreme.

    For air gun lovers, here is a selection of German & English made air guns. Calibers of this early type of air gun ranged from roughly .30 caliber to .50 caliber. One of these was carried west by Lewis & Clark in the early 19th century. Some were used by the military. Bonaparte banned these guns...
  6. Keith

    Times Of Change!

  7. Keith

    When Is It Too Late?

    It is too late to acquire sufficient supplies, provisions & equipment as soon as shtf news reaches the public. Some people have the idea that when it all goes down, this is the best time for looting. WRONG! Everyone will be grabbing what they can, supermarket shelves will empty in minutes, not...
  8. Keith

    Pdf Home Office Guide On Firearms Licensing Law. Uk.

  9. Keith

    Hunting & Defence.

    Now for those of you who have not followed my blogs or read any of my articles, this may be a new concept. There are a lot of different tools/weapons you can use for hunting & defence. Without a doubt the best tool for defence would have to be the modern firearm, BUT, the modern firearm is not...
  10. Bryan

    Baikal Guns

    "IZHEVSKY MEKHANICHESKY ZAVOD" JSC is one of the largest enterprises of Russia`s Agency on Conventional Armament. The company has no match neither in production volumes nor in the variety of sporting-hunting, air and service weapons, which has become world-famous mainly because of moderate...
  11. R

    my new additions! :D

    I thought id add a bit of an update to my other postings regarding my FAC and SGC. I was approved for both this month so went out and had a good old drool at the local RFD, The Gun Room at Ivybridge, and promptly brow beat poor mark for 3 and a bit hours haha. Got myself a good deal on a new...