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  1. Rathwulven BC

    Campfire Safety + Free Ebook & Video

    Hi guys, due to this year's mast year and drought a lot of smouldering fires occurred in both Germany and the Netherlands. I took this circumstance as a reason to publish a video that, in my opinion, covers all important aspects of campfire security. I also published an e-book which is...
  2. Leif

    Dakota Fire Pit

    The Dakota fire pit is a fire management system designed to use minimal fuel and with minimal signature. It requires a little elbow grease to produce the pit but once completed would last in a static camp fire a fair few days. The idea of cooking below ground is to minimise the fires visibility...
  3. HillBill

    The Science Of Fire

    1 Making Fire Ever wondered why if you blow on a candle it goes out, but when a blacksmith blows on a forge it gets hotter? Why when you light birch bark with a spark it flames but a cramp ball just glows? Wood shavings catch fire more easily than branches? Why a chimney makes a fire burn...
  4. Cloud Talker

    Camp out SubZero

  5. Kitstaa

    Woodland walk and lunch by the fire

    Enjoyed a frosty late-morning walk today, cooked beans and made tea by the fire I started with "Burner Firestarters" looking to make a bow drill soon as I would like to learn more "primitive" techniques of doing things, what opinion do you all have on bow drills? Or what is your favourite way of...
  6. M

    Search for land owners

    Hi guys New to the forum here and looking forward to learning a thing or two from you all, read some great threads so far! So the legalities of wild camping in the UK are pretty much known by all on here I guess, giving me the same issue I’m sure many of you do - how to find landowners in...
  7. Keith

    My Views On Carrying Modern Gadgets.

    I recently posted this on another UK forum after receiving so much negative feedback/comments on my posts on equipment recommendations. I thought I would post it here to give people something to think about. Keith. My Views On Carrying Modern Gadgets. Okay, this is my take on the carry...
  8. Cloud Talker

    Tapping Maple Trees For Sugar Part 3

  9. Matt Mac

    newbie fire builder

    Hi guys seem to able to sharpen my knife now but cant build fires now haha. check out the photo's and see if ypu could help me out. all advise appreciated, thank you.