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  1. Rathwulven BC

    Basic Knife Safety

    Hi folks, I made a new video - probably some of you know the drill already, but certainly worth sharing with beginners in the field of bushcraft. As usual please share feedback or other remarks. It helps me develop the channel.
  2. stephenjames213

    Billy Bushcraft Oven

    I recently went camping with my eldest daughter when she asked "Daddy, how do you make bread?". I then had the daunting task of trying to explain the finer arts of baking bread to a four year old child, which to be fair, is like saying to a blind man, "did you see that cat?". As we started...
  3. Cloud Talker

    Camp out SubZero

  4. Cloud Talker

    Fire from ice

  5. G1ZmO

    The Bushcraft Journal

    http://www.thebushcraftjournal.com/ Is now free. Latest version is out today.
  6. TheWanderer

    A warm hello to everyone!

    Over the past couple of years, I've been cultivating my knowledge and skills in self-reliance, bushcraft and general outdoorsmanship. I have to say, the comprehensive wealth of information you each have contributed to on this website has played an enormous part in developing my skillset, and...
  7. Far

    Entry level general purpose bushcraft knife: Bushlore or Perkin bushcraft o1?

    Hi everybody! I got really into bushcraft in the last year or two, and I've always used a mora that served me well. Now I'm thinking about getting a new, sturdier general purpose bushcraft knife and keep the mora as a backup knife and for leisure carving purpose only. I don't want to spend a lot...
  8. Cloud Talker

    Walk On Bras D'or Safely

  9. Cloud Talker

    Tapping Maple Trees For Sugar Part 3

  10. Cloud Talker

    Cloud Talker's Cabin Part 1

  11. Cloud Talker

    Cloud Talker's Camp Part 1

  12. Cloud Talker

    Tapping Maple Tree For Sugar Part 1

  13. Cloud Talker

    Ice Fishing Catch and Cook

  14. Cloud Talker

    Big Foot's Cave

  15. Cloud Talker

    Bush Chair

  16. Cloud Talker

    Forgotten Tea of Life

  17. Cloud Talker

    Traditional Rabbit Snare

  18. Cloud Talker

    Building a Bushsaw

  19. Cloud Talker

    Overnighter In Snowcave Part 2

    jimmy get up late and cooks breakfast
  20. Cloud Talker

    Cloud Talker

    Hey'Ehh Jimmy here just wanting to share some adventure and laughter along the way. I hope you enjoy if so check out my youtube blog. Cloud Talker