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  1. HillBill

    Selecting An Axe

    These few notes are intended to help the newcomer to picking out an axe that is suitable for their purposes. They aren't a complete guide to axemanship or intended to be such, just more of a "bluffers guide" to selecting an axe suitable for your purpose. Parts Of The Axe Before we get into...
  2. HillBill

    How To Sharpen An Axe

    The techniques used in here are intended to provide not only a sharp axe but also a safe and efficient axe. Before we begin, its useful both to define the terms we will use and also to examine what we are setting out to achieve. Parts Of The Axe: Below is a jargon key to the parts of an axe...
  3. Matt Mac

    Quick and simple axe sheathe

    Picture says a thousand words. Took about 30 min. Put a piece of wood at the end that's all she wrote. Cheers guys.
  4. Keith

    How Do You Carry Your Blades?

    How do you carry your blades? It is important that all your equipment rides comfortably, including your arms. Your blades need to be secure on your person, & they need to be readily accessible using only one hand. Also you need to be able to sit down comfortably without putting any stress on...
  5. Keith

    Tomahawk Throwing.

    It has been said many times, "I prefer to hang on to my tomahawk/axe, not practicle to throw it". Well there is a time & a place for everything they say, & there may be a time one day when you wish you were able to throw that axe. Reasons for being able to throw an axe accurately: 1) For...
  6. Keith

    Some Of My Weapons/tools.

    I prefer to refer to my guns & blades as tools rather than weapons, but of course they serve equally well for defence as they do for hunting. I prefer 18th century equipment because it is robust, practicle & sustainable. I do own modern firearms, but for long term survival I depend on my 18th...