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air rifle

  1. Bread

    Alros Trailsman 400

    Hi all, I am brand new to the site and have to be completely transparent, am only here because we’re clearing out my grandpa’s loft and have found an air rifle. From a bit of online research, it looks like an Alros Trailsman 400. Feels well made so I don’t think it’s a rubbish gun. I suppose...
  2. Break Down Brocock

    Break Down Brocock

    Tear down of the Brocock Hunter 22 air rifle
  3. SHADOWcompany83

    Rifle issues

    I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a Chinese Westlake .22 177 Caliber Westlake spring loaded air rifle. a few months ago I had a rat issue in my garden, so decided to dispose of them myself. I loaded the rifle and tried to close the barrel, but it wouldn’t close. Is it possible I...
  4. Teddy

    Armex back draft fit to umrex 850 airmagnum

    Does the 850 air magnum need a adapter for the armex back draft? Couldn't find any specs on the barrel thread. I'm ready to order one but just in case I'd rather seek profetional help. :) Ta, Ted.
  5. Keith

    Air Rifle. A Big One!

  6. Bryan

    UK Association Of Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting [UKBR22]

    To introduce ourselves we are the United Kingdom Association of Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting. By that we mean "True Benchrest Shooting". The Association is recognised by rimfire shooters across the UK as the representative body that promotes rimfire benchrest across the country...
  7. Bryan

    Civil Service Sports Council Target Shooting Association [CSSC TSA]

    This association was established in 1926 as the Civil Service Rifle Association and supports Small-bore rifle, Full-bore rifle, Air rifle and Air pistol disciplines. Clay pigeon is a recent addition to our activities but we are still developing our involvement in this discipline. The...
  8. Bryan

    Scottish Air Rifle & Pistol Association [SARPA]

    The Scottish Air Rifle and Pistol Association is the national governing body for Field Target Air Rifle Shooting in Scotland. It is a founder member of the British Field Target Association, the sport's national governing body, and is recognised as a National Governing Body by the World Field...
  9. Bryan

    Aintree Pistol Club

    We are a private club, built up by shooters and run by shooters. Our company name is Atlantic Leisure Ltd. In 1970 a small group of us leased the basement of a disused 1855 warehouse in Grundy Street, Liverpool. Now, through pursuing a vigorous policy of self-help and reinvestment we own the...
  10. Bryan

    Pontefract Air Rifle Club

    The club was founded in the mid-1980s. It was originally located at the Territorial Army Barracks in Pontefract. At its beginning, Pontefract Air Rifle Club was organised and run as part of a local police initiative to instruct young people in the care and use of air guns. We now reside in...
  11. Bryan

    Redbeck Shooting Supplies

    The Airrifle shop is the online homepage of Redbeck Shooting Supplies. Based in Wakefield West Yorkshire we offer a range of shooting merchandise, covering shotguns, rifles, air rifles and airguns. http://www.airrifleshop.co.uk
  12. Bryan

    City Air Weapons

    We are stockists of all specialist shooting equipment and accessories; Target Air Weapons, Shotguns and Section 1 Firearms. We also stock a full range of general sporting air weapons, such as Logun, Weihrauch, B.S.A., Gamo, Webley, Falcon and Air Arms as well as many accessories. Competition...
  13. Bryan

    Pellpax Target Sports Ltd

    We have over 70 years experience of shooting Airguns in both pest control and competition. This enables us to give knowledgeable, honest and realistic advice to first time and experienced shooters alike. We take pride in the fact that new and returning customers appreciate our unbiased advice...
  14. Bryan

    Daystate Ltd

    Welcome to the world of Daystate Airguns What we believe to be the finest and most powerful airguns in the world. Daystate pioneered the modern precharged pneumatic airgun over 30 years ago and is still the market leader in design and innovation. Our Heritage Daystate was the very first...
  15. R

    FAC Air Rifle Recommends??

    hi everyone, i was just curious as to what folks thought about FAC rated air rifles (PCP) and which ones are supposedly good ones to go for? i am interested in getting the variation on my ticket but only once ive done my research into these rifles a bit more, dont want to waste money an all...
  16. B

    Nottinghamshire Permission Wanted

    Experienced Air rifle hunter requires modest shooting permission or partnership in the Nottinghamshire area. BASC insured, 12ftlb BSA Superten. Livestock and grounds respected, all work undertaken. I am prepared to pay for the right place, I will also travel to nearby areas. If anyone is...
  17. L

    Expired BSA Ultra wanted.

    Hi, I would like to buy a BSA Ultra. Preferably, I would like to buy one with a scope, silencer, mounts, pump and gun bag. I am looking to buy one for £250. If anyone is selling a BSA ultra, or you know of a cheap place I can get this from, please let me know. Many thanks Luke Crighton
  18. B

    Want to buy my first rifle...need suggestions.

    I'm looking for a fairly cheap rifle but accuracy is really my priority. I plan to use it for plinking in my back garden mainly but I do hope to do a little hunting (and before anyone intends on lecturing me on the law, I would like to say that I am very aware of the law and intend to stay...
  19. S

    Stoeger X20 Camo Version

    I have just been down to the gun shop with my dad and i asked the man what gun would be better than i want at the moment. Before i went to the gun shop i had my mind decided on a SMK XS19-18 Springer in .177 After my visit to the gun shop i now have my mind set on a Stoeger X20 Camo Spinger...