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Yukon NVMT-1 2x24 Night Vision Scope Review

Yukon NVMT-1 2x24 Night Vision Scope Review

Last night saw me use a Yukon add on system for the 1st time. I swapped the add on for a dedicated scope as I couldn't justify the expense of having 2 guns and as I only had one this was a compromise. The scope I was using was a Tasco 2 - 6 x 32AO one, I needed a close focus scope as a lot of my shooting is done inside sheds at ranges from about 5 to 15 yards approximately. A quick flip clamp attaches the NV unit to the day scope and maintains the zero which for my purposes is ideal. Use the day scope until dusk then 30 seconds later you're in business for night shooting just by sliding the NV unit onto the dayscope and flipping the clamp.


Putting the Day Scope Attachment (DSA) together was straight forward enough. There are a selection of different diameter adapter rings to suit the eye bell of various scopes. Once I'd found the one that mine needed I adjusted the clamp using the provided allen key. The Yukon scope is fitted to the DSA using the tripod mounting hole and a weaver accessory rail is integrated into the DSA. Once the NV scope is in place the clamp flips over affair with a cam that tightens the attachment firmly to your scope as you push it down.

Setting Up
To set up the scope proved fiddly initially and it proved to be one of the little niggles I had about it. The sensitivity of the object lens adjustment made it awkward to get the focus right. To set the reticule focus to your eyes you need to look through the NV scope and adjust it until you see black dots. You should ignore the image through the scope and just concentrate on getting the dots in focus. Once they are in focus the lens is adjusted to your eyes and should be taped up to stop it moving. The next part of the set up is to get the reticule in focus. Firstly turn the adjustable object of the scope way out of focus. Once that's done using the object lens of the NV scope adjust it until you get as clear and sharp picture of the reticule as possible. The final step is to adjust the day scope adjustable object lens to get your sight picture focused at the correct distance for your target and the job is ready.

Although the Yukon scope has a built in illuminator this proved very inadequate, although usable it was very difficult to see the target clearly. Extra illumination is a must and I fitted a 75mw Cobra illuminator to help, this made the scope much clearer and much easier to use. The on/off button of both the illuminator and NV scope are fairly conveniently positioned on the right hand back end of the scope. I found that the Cobra illuminator even when the onboard one was switched off provided easily enough illumination over the 18 yards on setting number 2. The day scope would need to be a better one than the little Tasco to work out to maximum airgun range in my opinion but does the job up to about 25 yards or so.

In use the Yukon system proved to be a bonus and the rats don't know what it them. One other little niggle I had was that the eye bell lens rubber didn't cup the eye and made positioning your head quickly a bit difficult but with a good eye cup that will be easily sorted. My overall impression is that with a better day scope to allow more light into the object lens and extra illumination the Yukon add on system will be well up to the job for rabbiting and ratting up to normal airgun ranges.
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