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Vintage Arms Association [VAA]

Vintage Arms Association [VAA]

The Association was established for the purpose of encouraging the collection, study and use of all vintage firearms, including muzzle and breech loaders, rifles, pistols, shotguns and airguns.

Vintage is defined by the Association as being any small arm that was in production (or a design ready for production) before 1933, including later variations that did not materially affect the accuracy of the arm, and including reproductions 'in the spirit' of the original.

Founded in 1973 by a small group of enthusiasts, the Association continues to promote shooting sports by means of a comprehensive calendar of shooting competitions for both vintage and modern firearms held throughout the year.

The inaugural meeting of the VAA was held on 2nd January 1973. The minutes state the desirability of forming a society to cater for those interested in collecting and shooting early breech loading weapons.

As the club has evolved its interests have broadened and now the Association fosters an interest in, and use of, all vintage and modern firearms.

The club encourages the attainment of skill in the use of such firearms by providing facilities for range practice and organising suitable competitions. We also encourage the preservation and collecting of firearms by members. The Association encourages an exchange of information on the construction, history and use of various firearms through its periodical newsletter or journal.

The VAA is a national organisation, and is organised around the ranges where it shoots, namely: Barton Road, Bassingbourn, Bisley, Holly Hills Farm, Horsford, Jersey, and Shrublands.

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