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Precision manufacturing according to strict quality controls.
The precision of a weapon depends on how it is manufactured. Umarex and Carl Walther use CNC technology to ensure maximum precision and consistent workmanship. Experienced workers, who know each weapon down to the last detail, monitor the automated production processes. In this way traditional craftsmanship is augmented by the latest engineering knowledge. Thanks to this combination of tradition and innovation, the weapons carry the signature of experienced gunsmiths.

Rigorous quality assurance.
Umarex and Carl Walther also apply the latest technological standards when it comes to quality assurance. Special quality controls are integrated in each production step. Components that are critical for proper function and safety are tested using exacting procedures based on 3D measuring technology. Then the guns are fired as specified by German law for testing and certification of firearms. These tests include a safety margin for maximum operating pressure. Once the weapons have passed this rigorous examination, they receive proof marks. Then they are test fired by experts with standard ammunition.

Thanks to this thoroughgoing care, shooters throughout the world place their trust in weapons made by the PW Group.

UMAREX: total commitment to customers.
Umarex was established during a time of change, and dynamism continues to be its hallmark. The company is continually adapting its line of over-the-counter guns to the needs of the market while making technical improvements and providing top-quality service. Quality from top to bottom is what gives Umarex its outstanding worldwide reputation.

Recreational shooting.
Umarex replicas are for recreation and sport. They can be obtained without a permit. Thus you can have the pleasure of shooting without troublesome formalities. Hunters can also pursue their passion with Umarex guns. In addition, security companies and law enforcement units are increasingly using Airsoft guns made by UMAREX for training under realistic conditions. These high-performance models are also a favorite among gun collectors.

Service centers in many countries.
Umarex maintains close personal contacts with its distributors, thus ensuring that its product management department is always well informed about customers' needs. In many countries Umarex has established service centers that provide support to dealers and distributors. Umarex makes replica guns of outstanding quality and is proud to take responsibility for them.

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