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Umarex Tornado Co2 4.5mm BB

Umarex Tornado Co2 4.5mm BB

The Umarex Tornado Co2 4.5mm BB (BB only) .44 Magnum is a faux revolver based on nothing, which carries a 10 shot circular BB magazine.

This pistol cost me £45.00 from a local gun shop, ordered especially for me which seemed a bit odd for such an inexpensive pistol. But then I saw the shop and it is odd! :whistle:

Mostly however this pistol is sold at £59.95 but it's worth that all day long IMO.

It is a mix of pure ABS outer and metal inner, with a metal trigger, hammer, Co2 chamber, internals and barrel. It has a smooth bore and weighs in with a new Co2 and a full mag at 731grams or 1 3/5lb in old money ... It does not feel 'cheap' indeed it feels extremely nice and well balanced in the hand with it's lightly finger shaped grip.

To access the Co2 chamber turn the gun butt up and you'll see a small finger nail recess along with the Co2 screw ... pop the handle apart and you'll find it also has a fixed Hex key for tightening the Co2 screw... Simply drop in a Co2 bulb, tighten the screw. I have used a ratchet driver with a hex and also the handle hex ... The handle hex imo works better, again it maybe just me.

The safety is easily accessible just under the hammer, push forward for safe.

On the left side of the barrel is small bolt like affair, push it forward toward the end of the barrel and lock it up...... This enables the 10 shot mag to be pushed out from the right hand side to the left hand side ..... To put in a loaded mag simply push it into the slot gently, with the BB's facing forward. The mag will index itself into place... Then release the lock bolt, which will then slide back and it secures the mag.

There is a two stage trigger, so you can just blast away or stage the shot... personally I prefer to cock the pistol then fire. It seems to work much better but to each their own .... If you are new to BB's as I was, then be aware that standard steel BB's ricochet... seemingly they 'home' as they come straight at you of a hard surface, like a metal trumpet 14x14 target.. So make sure you are wearing you safety glasses. Plus I wear a baseball cap.

It has an effective range IMO of about 9 metres at most. It seems to shoot about 60 good shots from a Co2. It goes to 80'ish but the last few shot are 'not pretty'

On top you have black only sights and I would suggest you'd want to mark the front site white; however I do have poor eyesight.

There is a standard size picatinny rail on top to which I have added a cheap Red Dot; a Comunite 1XRD Red/Green Dot £16.45 from Amazon. It has 5 different sized dots of each red and green. It has height and windage... Alloy body, decent quality turrets for the price.... It works well for me.


Back at the Tornado it also has a picatinny rail under the barrel on which I have used a Laser.


* Extremely keen price even at £59.95, let alone the £45.00 I paid
* Looks impressive IMO, good finish.
* The ABS feels good, decent weight, should withstand the odd knock with no harm
* Ideal pistol for people new to Air Gunning IMO ... Very easy to use.
* BB's are inexpensive c.£4.95 for 1500
* Easy to instal and remove Co2, even if the Co2 is 1/2 full.
* 2 picatinny rails
* Supplied with 3x10 shot mags as standard. Extra mags c.£8.95 for 3.


* Hammer can appear to bounce on dry fire but it's 100% unnoticeable when actually firing
* Sights need some definition IMO


To say I like this pistol is an understatement, I think it is fantastic for the money. It does not feel or look built to a price. Indeed overall IMO it puts my Sig Sauer X5 to shame.

Obviously it is a tool for plinking and playing but I suspect many of us do mostly that anyway ... I have been playing with the Tornado and my rifle this morning and what a pleasurable way to spend some time.

The Umarex Tornado is not serious, it does not take itself seriously with it's whole 'Judge Dredd' or 'Borderlands' game vibe but it is an absolute blast of fun and so cheap to run ... Just needs some white on the sights ... It's a definite 9.5/10 from myself.

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